Floral centerpieces are easy to make and their beauty is as unlimited as your imagination. Many home gardeners plant cutting-flower gardens just so they can keep their home filled with the fragrance of roses and honeysuckle or the vibrant color of tulips. Don't worry if you live in an apartment and cannot garden. Today's silk flowers look so real that some people touch the plant just to see what it is. Both kinds of flowers, fresh and silk, make lovely floral centerpieces.

Choose colors that will complement your room decor. For example, a room whose dominant color is blue should have flowers that complement blue on the color wheel. Buy an inexpensive cardboard color wheel, or print one from the Internet, to learn which colors look good together.

Choose flowers that will both complement and contrast each other within the arrangement. For example, red and pink complement each other while white will offer some contrast to the red. For a dramatic arrangement, use two contrasting colors. For a subtler look, blend three or four colors together.

Locate a vase or basket that is the appropriate size for the table where you will be displaying the flowers. Select a pretty ceramic or brass container for fresh flowers since they are waterproof.

Flowers help to pull a room together. Display them on the foyer table, coffee table, mantle, dining room table and buffet, kitchen table, kitchen counter, bedroom bureaus, the bathroom counter; the possibilities are many.

Measure the diameter of the vase and cut a piece of floral foam. Glue the foam and then set the container aside until it is dry. If you will be making several floral arrangements, then make them assembly line fashion and glue all of the foam pieces at the same time.

If you will be working with fresh flowers, then pour water over the foam until it is soaked. Cut the lower leaves from the stems to prevent rot and mold. Cut each stem at a diagonal so it will absorb more water (more surface area is exposed with a diagonal cut). Otherwise, proceed with the next step.

If the floral centerpiece will be having the wall as a backdrop, such as on a foyer table, then place the taller flowers and greenery in the back of the vase. However, if the centerpiece will be in the center of the dining room table or the coffee table, then place the taller flowers and greenery in the center of the arrangement and scale it shorter as you work toward the outside of the basket or vase.

Step back and look at the arrangement carefully. If you see any patches of all one color, insert one or two flowers of another color to achieve a natural blend. After the flowers are just the way you want them, add a few pieces of trailing ivy or other greenery to soften the defined lines of the container.

Achieve a professional finishing touch by adding baby's breath throughout the display. Baby's breath is a small, delicate flower that adds a touch of elegance.

If you want to add candles to the flowers, then carefully trim everything that is within reach of the flame. The entire floral arrangement could burn within seconds. Both tapered and pillar candles look nice with flowers.

Give holiday baskets a festive touch by adding a silk ribbon.