Florida is known as the Sunshine State of the United States. It has many vacation destinations suitable for everyone. If you want to go to Florida to enjoy your vacation, you are bound to have the time of your life as this state has so much to offer. Ask each one of your family members for ideas and then choose a destination that more or less fits everyone's preferences. There are countless attractive places but the top 5 vacation destinations in Florida are described below.

Disneyland - #1 Florida Family Vacation Destination

Disneyland is the number one attraction for family vacations in the state of Florida. People come from all over the United States and the world to see Mickey and all of the attractions that Disney has to offer. The park is immaculate and very kid friendly. The prices at the park are reasonable but doing some research here can save your family a lot of money. Taking the family to the ever popular Disneyland is a great choice for your Florida family vacation.

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Busch Gardens- #2 Florida Family Vacation Destination

Busch Gardens is an ideal vacation spot for families. It is a heaven for those interested in wildlife. If you and family like outdoor adventure, this place will not disappoint you. You can ride on a roller coaster and can enjoy music and dance performances. You can also go on a boat ride with your entire family. Your kids will surely enjoy taking a ride on bug cars. Take the family to Busch Gardens in Florida for a great kid friendly vacation.

The South Beach #3 Florida Family Vacation Spot

Florida is famous for its long beaches. The beaches present in this state are extremely beautiful and a pleasure to the eyes. The South Beach is where you should go if you want to have peaceful time and enjoy delicious food. You can take your children to Metro Zoo, Miami Children Museum or various art galleries present in the area during your trip. If you want to unwind, go to the local spas for some relaxation treatment. This place attracts tourists from all around the world. A beach vacation with much more is in store for your Florida family vacation in South Beach.

Florida Everglades National Park #4 Florida Family Vacation Spot

If you are looking for a cheap vacation opportunity in Florida, then this is definitely the place for you. This place is renowned for its wildlife. Therefore, those attached to the outdoors are bound to have a good time here. Famous for its biodiversity, many reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators inhabit the place. If you are interested in watching diverse species of birds, you can find birds such herons and wood storks here. You can take boat rides with your family, which is an extremely fun activity. You will find yourself enjoying the Ranger-led Nature Walks here too. This place will help get your children acquainted with the nature. The great outdoor family Florida vacation can be had with this destination option.

Amelia Island - #5 Florida Family Vacation Destination

Many of the country's best resorts are present around this place and some of them offer all inclusive packages. Activities that help involve the entire family include fishing, shark tooth hunting, and bike riding. You can have the pleasure of participating in outdoor games with your family too. You can arrange time to exercise in the fine health clubs present in the area. Due to such attributes, this place is considered one of the best spots for vacationing with the family in Florida.

Florida offers so many diverse options for the families vacationing there. It is much more than just Disney and beaches. Do some research online and find out which of these choices might be perfect for your Florida family vacation this year.

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