When I think of Florida Keys fishing, I am like a little child on their birthday. The child has colorful decorations and exciting presents to open. As for me I enjoy looking at the crystal clear water, beautiful islands, feeling the warm breezes and thoughts of the fantastic fishing you can find everyday in the Florida Keys. Where else can you fish the Gulf of Mexico and then walk across the street to fish in the Atlantic Ocean. A perfect day for me in the Florida Keys would be fishing as I watch the sunrise over the ocean and then fishing as I am watching the sunset over the gulf. For me it doesn't get much better than that.

It doesn't matter the month or the time of day, you can always expect to be able to catch some fish in the Florida Keys. Florida Keys fishing is similar to the phrase from Forrest Gump's mother who quoted "like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." There are a variety of fishing techniques and a variety of fish you can catch in the Florida Keys. You may choose to do your Florida Keys fishing in the flats and backcountry, bridge, reef or wreck fishing, or go offshore for deep sea fishing. When I go down to the Keys I carry several types of fishing rods with me including heavy rods for deepwater, lighter weight spinning rods for inshore fishing and I always like to keep a telescopic fishing rod available so I can take it anywhere. If you have never done any Florida Keys fishing, you should consider your budget, what type of fish you want to catch and then you have to consider the weather conditions and the month of year.

My favorite type of Florida Keys fishing is for sail fish and tarpon. Although you can catch sail fish throughout the year, I prefer the winter months. The best months of the year to catch tarpon in the Florida Keys are usually late March thru early July. Whenever I get to the Florida Keys, I'll stop at Bud n' Mary's marina where sometimes you can see hundreds of tarpon just swimming around the docks. This really gets me psyched up for Florida Keys fishing. One time before I went to the Florida Keys, I watched a video on YouTube of someone feeding some really huge aggressive tarpon that latched on to that person's hand. So if you go there and feed the tarpon be careful, but if you're like me, you'll probably want to catch one before they migrate up to Boca Grande.

There are many great places to fish but here is just something about Florida Keys fishing that is like no other kind of fishing. It's exciting, it's in a beatiful, tropical setting and you have the opportunity to catch fish that are like no other fish around. If you get a chance to do some Florida Keys fishing, you'll be hooked too!