Florida Treasure Ships - Off the Coast Under the Water

Finding lost treasure represents a dream many young person has shared. While exploring the Caribbean many vessels were lost. Most noteworthy are the various treasure ships. With modern technology and the web spreading everywhere it’s hard to imagine that various sites of fabulous wealth are unknown. These wrecks contain billions of dollars in gold, silver and various precious metals. We know they are out there as heavy storms often wash valuables on beaches. Let us explore three incredible vessels, treasure ships which were never found.

1.Santissima Concepcion : For over 300 years this galleon has awaited discovery. The only trace of the transport was clothes that washed up in Saint Augustine. The treasure on this ship includes an enormous amount of gold. Also of note are the bronze cannons, with current brass prices the value on these goods skyrocket. The passengers carryed an extra fortune in booty consisting of gold. This treasure ship truly disappeared without a trace somewhere near Florida.

2. The Spanish Armada : How about a wreck that lies in shallow water. Around 1733 a small fleet of several ships suffered death via hurricane. All these vessels sunk in shallow water around the Florida Keys. Amazingly only a couple was found. As much treasure sank so close to the beach pieces keep washing up. Regardless no one has succeeded in finding the real wreckage. Overall a dozen ships are sitting undiscovered.

3. Notre Dame De La Deliverance : This ship best be described as a holy grail. A treasure ship that went don’t with a massive fortune. Despite recent reports this wreck has not been found. The amount of gold and silver would be worth in the multi-billion dollar range. When Sub Sea Research thought they had found the ship a legal battle ensued. Multiple countries lay claim as it was a Spanish fortune being transported by a French vessel. This booty lays unclaimed and whoever finds it will enjoy a litigation headache of indescribable proportions that will tie up Florida courts for decades.  

Other Treasure

Before hoisting sail consider that not all treasure sank. Various fortunes buried by paranoid pirates never found. This treasure occupies various islands and beaches all around Florida. With a little history, research and a small boat anyone search for treasure walks the paths of pirates.