Regular brushing and visits to the dentist are important parts of taking care of your teeth. There are numerous items at home that are available on the market too, and not just toothbrushes and paste. These are products which help consumers look after their shiny smiles even if they wear braces.

Of course, the next step after brushing is flossing. Dentists advise their clients to do it, but how many actually take his advice is hard to tell. Maybe more people would if they knew where to find products they like. Researching online is a good place to start. Product reviews and comparisons can be a great way to select suitable floss. On the other hand, cleaning your teeth is such a personal matter that you are likely to find items you like as a result of experience.

One word of warning: if you have ever used cheap floss, then you know that it tears, gets stuck between teeth, even breaks in the very back between closely packed molars. Go with brand names. In this instance, they really are better.

Some items are actually called ‘tape.’ You are still looking at something that flosses your teeth, only in this case it might be wider than the conventional stuff. Many dentists recommend this for people with closely packed teeth because it is tough enough not to break.

Remember that, although you are looking for all of these factors, it is important to floss correctly, by getting in between the teeth on both sides of the ‘v’ that your gums form.

Waxed tape glides much more easily through teeth than unwaxed stuff. Make the whole process more palatable by purchasing tape that is flavored. There are no more excuses for reluctant flossers, especially children. Their dentists routinely give out products that taste like mint, spearmint, tutti-frutti and bubble gum. Flossing can actually be a lot of fun now that their floss tastes like a virgin cocktail.

Special threading products have been created for people with braces. The floss gets tied onto the end and, using a sewing action, the consumer (or child’s mom) threads the line over the top of the wire and between teeth, using the end to pull the line under the wire and floss.

Another funky tool is the stick with its tiny bit of line on the end. This is made for consumers who want to look after their teeth while they travel.

If you struggle to hold the slippery tape between your fingers, one accessory allows you to wrap it around a y-shaped stick. Each arm of the ‘y’ has a groove, while the mid-section holds a wheel to wrap the tape around.

Certain battery-operated power flossers are also coming onto the market. While having to change over from generic to brand-name tape will cost you a few dollars, when it comes to battery-powered items, research is essential. These are costly tools, though potentially effective for the consumer who has terrible teeth and needs to go to extra lengths to keep them clean.