Flour + Water Pizza is located in between Mount Beauty and Tawonga, Victoria and offers gourmet pizzas right in view of the mountains.

Mount Beauty and Tawonga lie at the foot of Mount Bogong and are within a short drive of excelletn ski locations. During the winter they are a popular destination for ski-ers and snowboarders and during the spring and during the summer they are the target of people wishing to picnic and camp on the stunning high plains.

As of January 2012 they are open during the holiday seasons only but they will soon be opening all year round following some renovations. 


Phone Number: 0412 329822

Address: 171 Kiewa Valley Highway between Tawonga / Mt. Beauty, Victoria, Australia.

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171 Kiewa Valley Hwy, Tawonga South VIC 3698, Australia


Mt Bogong, Visible from Mt Beauty VicCredit: http://www.themercury.com.au/images/uploads/images/uploads/bogong.jpg

My partner and I last night had the chance to check out Flour and Water Pizza whilst holidaying in Mount Beauty. 

Right away we were greeted by the rustic wood and stone furnishings one would expect of a gourmet pizza resturant and the smell off wood smoke added to the aesthetic. We were promptly directed to a table on the balcony which gave an excellent views of the mountains, including the beautiful Mt. Bogong.

Feeling jovial we decided to order a full three course meal consisting of a garlic pizza entree, an indian-style butter chicken pizza main and a chocolate dessert pizza.

We shared one of each course between the two of us and although one pizza could suit one hungry person we were quite satisfied. Impressively, every course was fantasitic. The entree was crispy and not overpoweringly full of garlic. The main was a gamble - butter chicken pizza made me a little nervous but the buttery sauce was perfectly suited to pizza-fication. The dessert pizza was excellent, hazelnut chocolate with ice-cream, strawberries and milk chocolate chunks.

Whilst we were eating dessert the chef brought out a compliemntary plate of strawberries and marshmelllows to dip in a fondue fountain they had set up inside. This was a pleasant little treat.

Drink selections consisted of a small but appropriate range of beers and a selection of local wines, which is always fantastic to see. 

Overall I highly enjoyed every part of my visit to Flour + Water Pizza. The food, aesthetics and service were all exemplary and resonably-priced at around $15 AUD for a main and $5 AUD for the dessert and entree. I would highly recommend that anyone holidaying in the Tawonga / Mount Beauty area try them out.