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Flower Arranging Courses: Picking The Right Course

Whether you're an amateur florist looking at a formal education, or thinking about getting into this line of work for the first time, there are many great courses for flower arranging. On the one hand, you could go in for a full time Associate or Bachelors' Degree program in a reputed university such as Harvard or the University of California Berkeley. This will teach you all about the floral trade, including flower arranging, but will also cover aspects such as how to source flowers, how to decide what flowers to use in what design, and others that may seem irrelevant if you're only looking for specific information. On the other hand, if you don't want an in-depth education or spend that much time or money, there are also several diploma courses that could be perfect for you. Make sure that you take the time to smell the roses as far as choosing a course in concerned, but be aware of being stung on the nose, because that's what you'll be paying through if you opt for an expensive one that you didn't need in the first place.

Flower Arranging Courses: What To Expect

A good flower arranging course will teach you all the aspects of creating a visually appealing display of either fresh, dried or silk flowers. You will learn about terms like line, dominant and secondary materials, Hogarth's Curve, and form flowers. These courses will also teach you how to achieve the best results using the elements of balance, unity, texture, rhythm and harmony. Don't be overwhelmed by the course material though – keep in mind that it's like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, but without the scrapes, cuts and bruises. Of course, bloody fingers will be the order of the day in a flower arranging course, especially when you're first getting to understand thorny bushes. But once you get into the flow of the course you'll start to wonder why this was all such a big deal in the first place. Remember that education is nothing but organized experience with a generous helping of common sense.

Flower Arranging Courses Online

Flower Arranging Classes (33607)

If you're either a Scolionophobe (have a fear of schools) or on a budget, you might consider an online course. These are very cost effective, or sometimes even free, ways to take floristry courses. However, don't invest in a graduation gown just yet, as these courses often give you a little more than a rudimentary overview on flower arranging. To be fair, some of them do impart excellent education, with some of them even offering video courses that are great for learning from the comfort of your home. There are some great links and credible information on sites such as wannalearn dot com. Again, if you're going to be picking a course, make sure it's really what you're looking for before you get on the phone to say 'with my MasterCard please'.

Flower Arranging: An Ancient Art

If you're under the impression that flower arranging was introduced to the world just after the iPod, then think again. It's been around ever since the ancient Rome and Egypt. They even had vases to put cut flowers into. Whether for processions, burials or just table arrangements for a simple dinner-and-an-orgy with close friends, they had elaborate arrangements and intricate design patterns. Of course, there was that tiny bit of a chance that the person in charge of flower arrangements could be beheaded if the water lily's petals weren't that perfect shade of pink. Nowadays, flower arranging is a much safer occupation, the only risk being an occasional pricked finger from a carelessly stripped rose stem.