Water fountains are extremely luxurious show pieces that can vastly improve the overall décor of your house. These days you can easily find indoor, outdoor, garden, wall and portable fountains that would surely enhance the appearance of your living space.

One of the recent popular ways to decorate is by including water features in and around your home. Flower fountains are quite popular these days because they have a unique, exotic and breathtaking look. It's a style that's not for everyone but for some designs they are awesome.

These decorative pieces comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. Many of the various types of materials available today include:

  • Marble Flower Fountains: These are made of marble or granite and create a sunset glow when the sun shines down upon the white or red marble. They are quite popular due to their durability and unique designs. The price ranges from $40 to $ 6000 and above depending upon the fountain you choose.
  • Polyester Indoor and Outdoor Flower Fountains: As the name suggests these are made from polyester, a synthetic material. The price range of these fountains starts from $129 - $2000 and above.  
  • Metal Flower Fountains: These fountains are one of the more expensive types of fountains available today. These are special pieces of artwork and use bronze and copper for their construction. They can range anywhere from $800 to $8000 and above.
  • Concrete Fountains: These designs, with their amazing sculptures, put a lot of charm into a small space or a large one. It becomes the center of focus for small outdoor parties when they are arranged in your back lawn. The price range of these flower fountains is from $200 to $800.

Advantages of having a flower water feature in your garden, indoors or in your backyard:

  • The water prevents dryness of the skin and helps to keep a soothing atmosphere by adding moisture to the surroundings where it is placed.
  • The feature produces soothing sounds which is music to the ears and relieves any individual of worldly tensions.
  • They can be a medium of aromatherapy. By adding various aromatic oils in the water it can provide aromatherapy which brings peace to our minds.

These fountains, after proper installation, do require a lot of maintenance. The water flowing should be changed weekly or filtered for cleanliness. This regular changing prevents it from becoming a breeding ground for various insects and mosquitoes.

Always maintain a six month check with an electrician and a plumber to assess the performance of the fountain parts, pump, and electrical system. If any shortcomings are noticed do repair them to avoid further cost later.

Thinking of buying a flower fountain?

I know you are. You can easily get a flower fountain in your nearby store that deals in yard installations.  Seeing a fountain in person is the best way to determine if it would be suitable for your home.

If you don’t know of any in your area, you can search for a specialty store online that deals with water decor. Check the discounted price of the flower fountain that the online site is offering you. Many times they present a high price initially and then give huge discounts.

Always be careful while doing online purchasing of these items. If you want to buy online always say that you prefer cash on delivery. It helps you to first check the order which you have placed and then pay the amount once the product is delivered. In my opinion, always go for marble as it is the most durable of all the fountains and can survive severe climatic conditions.