When planning a marriage ceremony, much time is dedicated to finding beautiful wedding dresses, cheap wedding dresses and other such pursuits. Some members of the wedding party are often left to fend for themselves, but the children tend to be given more attention than other members. How the father of the bride or mother of the groom dresses is nowhere near as front and center as the flower girl or ring bearer.

Flower girl dresses have the most historical symbolism of anyone in the wedding party except for the bride. The ceremony is filled with ritual and symbolism which recalls older days in different societies. Nowhere is this more represented than in the way the children are dressed for the occasion.

Flower Girls of Ancient Days

The young girl in white represents purity and the bride's youth. The scattered petals suggest the fertility of the bride. The petals used to be considered a sort of charm to encourage fertility as well. The youngest bridal attendant was often led down to the altar right before the bride, in order to show the contrast of the young maiden the bride once was and the woman she has now become.

Styling the Perfect Dress
Credit to Waponi
Her dress is usually purchased rather than rented. Because she symbolizes a younger version of the bride as a sign of the past, flower girl dresses tend to be white in color, to match the bridal gown, and simple in design to show attributes of purity and youthfulness. The dress often incorporates a sash in one of the chosen wedding colors.

The Origin of Ring Bearers

This position is modified from that of a page boy of centuries past. The page, working his way up in the ranks among a noble household, was usually present to fetch things or carry them around as needed. A special variety of page was chosen from among the boys as an honor when a marriage took place, to hold the rings.

Suiting Up on the Big Day

His suit is often rented rather than bought, though a little boy's tuxedo can often be found at much lower prices than an adult man's tuxedo if purchasing the suit is desired. Mimicking the flower girl's representation of the bride, the ring bearer's vest tends to be the same color as the groom's. When renting, one should send measurements only 4-8 weeks before the event, as young boys grow quickly.