Flower Pot Hangers to Suspend Your Flower Baskets

Flower pot hangers help to create a decorative display of green and flowering plants particularly when used in conjunction with trailing plants. Generally the term applies to ways of suspending flower pots or baskets, however there are also small items, generally animals or pixies for instance that hang from the edge of pots and are referred to as flower pot hangers also.

Construction of Flower Pot Hangers

The construction of flower pot hangers generally utilizes metal brackets and hardware, although other materials may be used as well. One interesting type of hanger produced from plastic is attached to a wall and will be hidden once the flowers or plants grow. It is attached to the wall; the pot lip is then slipped into a plastic holding system which relies upon the weight of the plant to hold it firmly in place. These hidden hangers work well with terra cotta and once the plant is growing it appears to simply be suspended on the wall, fence or wherever it has been placed.

Large hanging systems may include a center post with metal arms that extend in various patterns and are capable of holding many plants. These may be vertical or horizontal in style, another take on this style is a metal cutout with several circular pieces of steel in which plants may be inserted.

Macramé and rope hangers are often used on porches and patios to suspend hanging flower pots. Many metal hangers are available that may be as simple as a bracket that can be attached to the home and used in conjunction with macramé or plastic hangers, or the metal itself can be used to suspend the plants.

Choosing Flower Pot Hangers

Choosing flower pot hangers that work well for the location will present many options to select from. Often macramé or rope hangers are used in protected areas such as porches or within the home to lengthen the life of the hanger as they are susceptible to weather damage and may rot over time.

Metal hangers may rust over time and are not always the best choice for use in an area where there is a great deal of humidity or rainfall as the rust may run down the side where they are attached. Copper will work better in some applications that wrought iron or other types of metal.

Large flower pot holders placed against a fence or garden wall will protect the plants from some of the wind although they may absorb more heat from the surfaces. Using flower pot hangers in the home will require a system of containing the overflow when watering plants, which may be as simple as a tray or a pot without drainage.

Shopping for Flower Pot Hangers

Shopping for flower pot hangers locally will be best accomplished through discount stores and local garden centers. Often at least two or three styles are available to choose from both in wall mount and post support styles. Another source for locating flower pot hangers is online through specialty garden shops and home decorating sites as well as some commercial supply centers. Choosing unique styles that are available in many sizes is often a very enjoyable past time and most will include mounting hardware which often requires no more than a screwdriver for easy assembly.

Pricing Flower Pot Hangers

Pricing varies on flower pot hangers according to the style and size purchased. A very simple macramé holder and a metal bracket can be found for less than ten dollars through many online sources. Hidden galvanized systems for hanging six plants can be purchased for $17.99 while the plastic sets can be found for slightly less. Decorative trellis style hangers in wrought iron are available beginning as low as $12.99 and go up from there. Choosing a center post system to suspend trailing plants and flowers can be found beginning at sixty dollars and higher. Building a system at home will require little experience and is another alternative to purchasing.

Depending upon the look desired there are many choices of flower pot hangers, choosing one that will suit the look and feel of the garden will not be difficult due to the numbers of items available. They create a beautiful accent when used either indoors or out and allow plants to grow and trail to their full potential, protecting the ends from being smashed. Occasional pruning will maximize the plant potential and create healthier and fuller plants that will look spectacular when suspended from flower pot hangers.