Skin art is a prevalent form of expression nowadays, given that the twentieth century has paved the way for much personal freedom. People are more liberated and society is more tolerable of such. As a result, getting a tattoo is pretty normal in many social circles. Flower tattoos happen to be some of the most popular patterns in circulation, with their balance of style and significance. A lot of women around the world sport the tattoo, so why shouldn't you?

Significance of Flower Tattoos

Many tattoos have meanings other than their literal appearance, and the flower tattoo comes as no exception. A flower, when used in literature, could stand for beauty, purity, and the essence of a woman. Its significance accordingly changes when other elements are meshed with the figure. The same goes for tattoos. So, if you have a flowers tattoo mixed with thorns and a predominantly tribal pattern, its possible significance is you've been through a lot of struggles and have been toughened, as a woman, by those ordeals. The tattoo, as you can see, is not only a decorative piece, it also keeps some people guessing on how it relates to your life as well as your personality.

Flower Tattoo Designs

A flower tattoo can come in different shapes, sizes, flower types, and surrounding patterns. Its appearance is at your disposal, so if you're very creative, coming up with your own design is fun and easy. Tattoo artists have hundreds of patterns available, for you to choose from or for you to improve your design. You could also draw inspiration from existent tattoos. Just check the internet for skin art and you'll find thousands of cool designs.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Hawaii is known for its breathtaking beaches and the lush environment. Naturally, for flower tattoo enthusiasts, the island is enough inspiration for skin art, thus the appearance of Hawaiian flower tattoos. They closely resemble regular flower tattoos, but have a more tropical approach. The blooms used are also native to Hawaii and are, at times, accompanied by details found in tropical paradises. Just by sporting a Hawaiian flower tattoo, you would feel the spirit of summer radiating from your presence.

Lotus Flower Tattoos

According to the cultures of some oriental countries, the lotus is a figure for virtue and wisdom. In terms of skin art, a lotus flower tattoo is worn by someone who has gone through a handful of life-changing experiences and has learned much from them. The flower, in itself, is already a powerful symbol. It could stand alone, even without a torrent of accompanying designs. However, if you want to completely stylize the skin-based artwork, you can't go wrong with Chinese or Japanese inscriptions and oriental themed designs.

Butterfly Tattoos

The two things that make many gardens appealing are blossoms and butterflies. The natural beauty of flowers and the majestic appearance of butterflies are enough to melt garden owners. Remarkably, the same effect is present with female skin art. Butterfly tattoos with flower patterns are pretty striking. They come as symbols for independence, beauty, and seduction. No wonder they are among the most popular patterns on the world market.

Star Tattoos

Stars are perhaps the most beautiful celestial bodies on sight, along with comets and meteor showers. They are popular figures in the world of arts and literature, so it follows that stars are also prevalent in tattoos. With the current reemergence of the art scene, star tattoos are sported by many artists and musicians, since they have practically hundreds of probable interpretations and references. The tattoo also has a ton of variations and possible appearances. If you're quite artistic, the star tattoo comes as a good choice.

Wrist Tattoos

For people who are rather discreet with their self expression, a flower-based wrist tattoo is a decent option. It is small; however, since the wrist is partly considered an unusual place for tattoos, it will appear edgy and striking. A tribal pattern is a suitable accompaniment for the image, adding some toughness to the flower's fragile appearance. You could either go for a bold full wrist tattoo or the more reserved inner wrist tattoo.

Customizing Cool Tattoos

With tattoo artists, you have the luxury to tweak the patterns that they offer. They could also help you conceptualize a good pattern that fits your desired symbolism. Just make sure that your chosen artist is skilled enough to imprint complex custom patterns on skin, otherwise you might end up wasting cash and having an eyesore of a tattoo. To be sure that you're hiring a reputable artist, you can check out online forums about tattoos and tattoo artists. By visiting some of them, you'll have an idea on who are the best artists on your area and who among them offer the best patterns. You can also make inquiries regarding the rates, so you get to prepare your budget beforehand.