Beautiful and full of whimsy, flower wall decals can give any room in your home a lovely (and temporary) design touch. They're perfect for nursery decorations, girl's bedrooms, and adult homes where the residents have a sense of play. Here, you'll discover more about these fun wall stickers, learn some great ideas on where to use them, and get an idea of the prices for them when it's time to buy.

Flower Wall Decals: A Walled Garden... Literally

Black Dandelion Flower Plant Tree Large Removable Wall Decor Decal StickerImagine a few playful daisies appearing to bloom up your wall from the flooring. Or a dandelion seemingly leaning against the wind with its seeds floating up your stairs. Or how about some intricately stunning flowering vines that work down the corner of your modern living room. These looks are all possible with flower wall decals.

Flower wall decals are forms of wall stickers (also known as wall tattoos) that are well-loved by the young and old alike. They bring a bit of the outdoors in and add an aura of natural playfulness to otherwise static room motifs. In short, they're a lot of fun and come in many varieties.

And best of all, they're a temporary wall decoration. Flower wall decals are cut from vinyl and simply apply to your wall. When you want to remove one, it's as easy as peeling the sticker right off. You can, then, repurpose that sticker to another location (or gift it to a friend for use.)

Where To Use Flower Wall Decals

As mentioned, one of the coolest things about these types of wall decals is that, in terms of enjoyment, many defy age. A love of flowers is one thing people have in common throughout their lives. Many can go just as well in a child's room as they would in a modern adult bedroom, and they'll be loved equally. Here's some fun uses to help spark your imagination:

FunToSee Themed Room Decals_Flower Wall Decals

As nursery decorations

Oftentimes nurseries are a repurposed room, or they'll soon turn into the toddler's bedroom. It's so much fun to decorate a nursery for a baby, but the room decor will be short-lived and soon the room will need to adapt again (meaning hours of redecorating.) Creating a fun, playful nursery using flower wall decals is a great solution here. You can choose colorful decals of oversized daisies and tulips or go for big trees where the branches run across a wall. You'd never be able to accomplish this with paint (unless you are a very good artist), and when the time is right to change the room again, they'll simply peel off.

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As girl's bedroom decorations

Many young girls love flower wall decals. They've got a whimsical sense that they adore, and it can be a lot of fun picking out the stickers with them as a family adventure. It's even fun to place them on the walls, and if your young one changes her mind (they often do), you can easily remove the decals and reposition them with ease. It's a fun way for kids to dress up a room without involving messy (and expensive) paints or cheap-looking wall posters.

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Flower Set1 Floral Design 50

As an accent to your living room couch or bed headboard 

The space above these larger pieces of furniture can be tough to design well. Do too little and your room feels empty and unfinished. Add to much and your couch or bed area feels cluttered and not restful. Some flower wall decals are an excellent alternative here. They create a sense of depth while still being able to respect white space. Plus, they're interesting to look at, so some well placed decals can add a lot to the style to the overall room. 

Flower Wall Decal Prices

The best part of all, these wall decals are not expensive at all. Each may range you $3 to $7 and packs with multiple stickers normally cost $35 to $50. It really is a cost-effective solution, especially for nurseries and kid's rooms.

Whether you're looking to buy flower wall decals to add some life to your living room or to decorate for your newest member of the family, you'll be inspired by the fun looks you can create. They are a special sort of wall decoration that everyone can enjoy.