Planting flowers and plants

for a shade garden-

turtle with heather load

Here are some perennials that do nicely in a garden with little sunlight, or part shade, indirect sunlight.

Loosestrife is a perennial and grows about three feet tall, has pretty purple foliage and bright yellow clumps of flowers.

It grows fast and needs thinning every so often, but it makes a lovely backdrop for spring green hostas. honeysuckle loosestrife shade garden

Plant Asiatic and Oriental lilies mixed in between peonies. The lilies will grow up 3-4 feet high between the peonies and flower after the peonies are finished blooming in mid-June. Cut the dead peony blooms off, but leave all the foliage. Peonies make a lovely backdrop for the lilies, which will bloom in late June, July and August.

peony plant shade garden

Angel wing begonias are annuals and look beautiful at the feet of Japanese ferns. The ferns are gray-green with a hint of red on the tips of the fronds. The angel wing leaves are shiny green with pink or red flowers. There are also perennial begonias which bloom every year in the fall and have a red edge to their leaves. These ferns grew wild here, probably spores blown by the wind.

ferns shade garden

Phlox is a nice addition to the shady garden. Choose a variety that is resistant to mold and fungi. Phlox also is wonderful smelling and an old-fashioned garden addition to your perennial collection and grows about 24 inches.

Astilbe is another perennial which comes in every color of the rainbow almost, about 18-24 inches and requires almost no care, except removing the flower stems after they have bloomed.

Any of the low-growing perennial geraniums or cranesbill will grow like wildfire in a shade garden. But be careful not to let it take over your garden. Soapwort, pink and white, is another perennial that does exceptionally well in a shade garden. It grows tall, about 24 inches and does multiply fairly fast.

cranesbill shade garden

Honeysuckle and clematis also do well in part shade and will make nice climbers, as will Climbing Hydrangea. Climbing Hydrangea will grow and flower with white umbels on the north side and no direct sun. English ivy and periwinkle, also pachysandra are groundcovers and do very well planted in shade. Pachysandra and periwinkle or vinca require almost no trimming, but English ivy will grow and grow and grow. Pachysandra has a small white flower and periwinkle has a lovely purple star-shaped bloom. There are variegated leaves, green and white, and solid green leafed varieties of both pachysandra and vinca (periwinkle).

periwinkle groundcover shade garden

If you have a damp spot, plant Dutch iris in clumps to bloom in June. Colors are white, various shades of purple and violet, and yellow.

There are dozens of varieties of hosta, some with white flower spikes, others with lavender spikes, many with solid or variegated leaves and all do well in the shady garden.

Well, that will get you started planting your garden for the shade.