Valentines Day flowers can be expensive. It seems like the prices of red roses really shoot up this time of year. Flowers are a classic gift & your special someone may be expecting them. In these tough economic times, you may have to pinch pennies everywhere. Here is how to spend less on Valentine's flowers.

Instead of roses, choose her favorite flower. This may be cheaper than a red rose & it shows that you really listen when she says that she likes something. For a really romantic touch pull out pictures of your wedding flowers. The florist will probably be able to educate you on the specific varieties in the picture.

Make your own arrangement. Hit the flower market or even the grocery store. Find a beautiful antique vase to stick the flowers in. Plus, she'll appreciate the effort and thought you put into it. You can fill out the arrangement with oversized twigs from your yard that will also have a designer touch instead of traditional baby's breath fillers, just make sure they are bug free. Balloons are also an inexpensive way to add more height to your flowers.

A single rose is just as romantic as a dozen roses. For a fraction of the price you still get all of the points. You can also vary the number by the number of years that you've been together or how many dates you've been on if you are going with a smaller arrangement.

Give a potted plant. Just make sure that it doesn't look like it came from a hospital gift shop. Choose something with bright blooms like an orchid. Make sure that the plant has cheery flowers on it. This way she'll be able to have a reminder of your love long after the roses would have died. House plants don't have to remind you of a hospital sick bed.

Deliver them yourself instead of paying an expensive delivery fee. This way you'll be sure that the flowers get to her office in time. Just don't take up too much of her time at work.

Buying flowers can be cheaper if you do it online. It might only be 1/3 of what you spend in a flower shop but just look out for added fees & make sure they include a vase. Of course you'll want to plan well in advance. The prices may be raised around the holidays and they might even run out of flowers so schedule delivery awhile beforehand.

Make your own bouquet, this allows you to use your creativity and save money at the same time. You can make simple origami roses that are perfect if she has allergies. You can also make flowers from simple red candy kisses, floral tape and floral wire. You may also want to try making an edible arrangement by cutting fruit into the shape of flowers which can also work as dessert.

Choose your vase wisely. The vase is the only thing that is going to be left in a few weeks and it can make as big of an impact as the actual flowers themselves if done correctly. For a modern style go for a frosted glass cylinder. If you want big impact choose a tall vase that will be the center of attention. For a sweeter or country feel that will match a cottage or shabby chic decor then go with a pitcher or basket.

Ask for filler. If those roses are looking a little skimpy then try to fill up space so your bouquet doesn't seem pathetic. You can mix in a lot of leaves or cheaper flowers in the same color scheme. You can even include a teddy bear in your arrangement to really give it more impact.

Another way to bulk up floral arrangement is to make them part of a larger idea. You can include them in a picnic gift basket full of her favorite food to integrate them into your date and give her a story that she can definitely impress her friends with the next day.

You may be tempted to just go with fake flowers for Valentine's Day. This of course will save you a lot of money butt can just seem tacky. You may find bigger impact by giving her a single metal rose that she can keep for a long time. You can often find jewelry with a rose motif so that you take care of the presents and roses together.

If you are really strapped for cash then just go with some rose petals for romance. Sprinkle these on the floor or on the dinner table. Then you can decorate with candles and glassware that you already have around the house.

You can still save money if you are shopping at the last minute. The key is that you'll have to hit places that aren't already cleared out so shop early in the day instead of waiting until after work. You may also find that a lot of the other flowers are still at the regular price so think out of the box with your arrangement.

You might be a little lost as to what colors to choose. The color of roses has different significance from romance to friendship. You might not know all of the different meanings but the woman you are giving them to probably does. You can always go with her favorite color. If you aren't sure what color she favors then peek instead her apartment to see what color she decorates with. You can also explain in the card why you chose the flowers or base them off her personality like going with bright hot pink and orange daises for someone with a sunny personality.

Flowers for Valentine's Day are a traditional gift but that doesn't mean that you have to just go with the basic dozen roses that everyone else will be giving. You can change up the color, vase, arrangement or the flowers themselves to show that you recognize who she is as a person.