Fluke is the world leader in tFluke 1653B Testerhe test and measuring industry. This company has launched the cutting-edge range of digital multimeters, earth ground testers, electrical test tools, HVAC/IAQ tools etc.

The Fluke 1650 Series Multifunction testers verify the safety of electrical installations in all types of applications. The new technology and new innovative solutions are helping users to meet demands for more accuracy and safety in industrial, domestic and commercial applications. The Fluke 1650 Series includes a large number of useful characteristics that make installation testing much easier and faster. All Fluke 1650 Series testers use cutting-edge loop measurement technology to avoid residual current activated devices from tripping at the time of earth-loop testing, resulting in very consistent result values. Besides functionality they are very well built and the design is so unique and different. They feature a rubberized casing that provides a good grip and helps prevent major damage from any tumbles.

There are three models in the 1650 series, one of which is he the lesser expensive Fluke 1652 B Multifunction Tester (around $1,100) that is an almost identical copy of the Fluke 1652, while the Fluke 1653 B Multifunction Tester (around $1,300)is an even higher performing version of the Fluke 1653. The third model is the Fluke 1651 B. This is the everyday multifunction tester. The 1651 B is meant for everyday use and developed to perform well and provide an excellent measuring experience. This unit is often used by front-line electricians.

The 1652 B Multifunction Tester is definitely a perfect for professional electricians, technicians and electrician contractors because of its outstanding performance characteristics. The Fluke 1652 B makes trip time tests and tripping level tests of residual current activated devices. This is an excellent tool for beginners as it has many high end features but is simple and easy to use. As a result, the user can easily adapt.

The Fluke 1653 B Multifunction Installation Tester is meant for advanced users. This product has all the features any user would want. This product is the complete solution for electrician contractors and professional electricians. So, the Fluke 1653 B has all the features as the 1652 B plus additional features. This digital tester measures earth resistance and carries out phase sequence measurement.

This device performs eight tests: RCD tripping time, continuity, insulation resistance, voltage and frequency, RCD tripping current, phase rotation, loop impedance and earth resistance.

The Fluke 1653 meets IEC 60364 specifications. The IEC 60364 is the international standard that covers the wide field of electrical installations of buildings. It is ideal size for wearing on a neck cord and is very lightweight (2.57 pounds). The user interface is intuitive, well-designed and easy to understand, learn and use. It is an ideal tool for professional electricians, electrician contractors and telecommunication specialists.

Incorporating a test key inside the slim construction probe to assist singlehanded access of difficult-to-reach terminals improves safety by minimizing the danger of unintentionally making a physical contact with a live cable. An in-built permanent live voltage warning indicator continuously checks voltage while electricians are performing maintenance. This feature improves safety of the users during normal use.

The Fluke 1653 Multifunction Tester features a large two-tone backlit LCD display with a wide viewing angle. Display is very visible even in bright sunlight and it dims automatically after few seconds. This multilingual LCD display is available in 5 languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German and English) and other languages can't be programmed in.

The Fluke 1653 also meets the EN 61557 and German VDE 0413 standards. The EN 61557 standard is divided into several parts. Each part deals with the safety of the determined measurement at the electric installation.

Other relevant features include an internal memory that can store up to 500 measurements. The data can later be reviewed through the output device, or even uploaded to a personal computer via the infrared port (using optional FlukeView Forms software) for storage and later use.

The unit comes with batteries (alkaline batteries are supplied, but rechargeable ones can also be used), remote control probe and lead, strong sturdy carrying case, mains test cord, large crocodile clips, fused test lead set, user manuals, language reference card, operating manual on CD-ROM, and padded neck strap. And it is backed by a manufacturer's 3 year warranty, so no worries about breakdowns.

Optionally, you can buy Earth Spike Test Kit ES165X for around $120. This kit contains large crocodile clips, auxiliary earth probes and test leads. All of this comes in a carry case for convenience.