Fluke is thFluke Thermal Imager TiR1e number one name in test tools. This company makes top quality meters. They manufacture a wide range of test meters for all types of measurements. We are going to look specifically at the Fluke Thermal Imagers and the 60 Series Handheld Infrared Thermometers.

Most of the instruments you will ever need for temperature measurements like thermometers and thermal imagers are available from Fluke distributors and representatives worldwide. From Ti45FT IR FlexCam® Thermal Imagers with IR-Fusion® Technology to 62/322/1AC IR Thermometer, Clamp Meter and Voltage Detector Kit this company deals with damage control in all temperature critical situations like examining electrical components, industrial installations and equipment, process control and quality, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, food safety and automotive, offering suggestions and solutions.

Fluke's none-contact infrared temperature meters such as 60 Series Handheld Infrared Thermometers are fast, accurate and safe to use. They make surface scans and spot checks of hot, moving and hard to reach objects, eliminating any need for physical contact between the unit and the target. 568 and 566 Infrared and Contact Thermometers are Fluke's contact tools. They are very fast and make accurate readings every time. You can also find Fluke thermometers that integrate three products in one tool such as T5-600/62/1AC IR Thermometer, Electrical Tester and Voltage Detector Kit to save you examination time and having to purchase many different and expensive measuring instruments. So, when you need top of the line, sturdy and easy to handle multifunction meters for perfect results make sure you check out these tools.

Fluke Thermal Imager

Fluke's original patented IR Fusion Technology can assist the user in spotting problems and taking the proper corrective action quickly. This technology captures two pictures in one and only displaying part of it at a time. The first one is infrared sensitive and the other is visible or visual image (like from digital cameras). Another good side is that the user does not need to make new images with his standard digital camera and than handle several pictures at once to make sure he matched the right digital picture with the right infrared picture. The Fluke's Infrared Fusion Technology does it all for you - providing users with limitless possibilities. So, these infrared thermometers offer precisely matched pixel-for-pixel fused pictures for very high accuracy imaging.

With these instruments the visible and infrared sensitive picture can be aligned precisely at almost any distance. Infrared technology does not simply cover the picture; it aligns accurately the two pictures (visible and infrared sensitive) on the display for much more precise illustration. The infrared sensitive picture points out temperature difference showing that there could be a complication. Fluke IR Fusion points out the problematic areas in the infrared sensitive picture. The problematic area in the visible picture and the image in image mode make it possible for you to view the exact spot giving you or your restoration team a frame of reference for intensive building damage examination. And as you already know the damage examination is a crucial element of clarifying breakdowns and preventing them from happening.

Fluke meter allows restricted damage examination thus limiting demolition thus saving time and money. Fluke Infrared Fusion supports five individual working modes (Alpha Blend, Full Infrared, Full Visible, Visible Alarm, Picture in Picture) to help discover and examine problematic areas quickly and easily. This is a huge advantage to Fluke products because as of now only a few infrared thermometers have these features. Overall, Infrared Fusion Technology helps you to examine and locate problematic areas with ease; it prepares professional reports recording the complications, limits nondestructive industrial and building damage examination saving time and money, confirms that the problematic area has been repaired accurately, and makes infrared imaging easy.

Fluke 60 Series Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Fluke 60 Series Handheld Infrared Thermometers are meant for fast and simple spot measurements and surface scanning. Their unique and advanced features make them very popular among professional electricians. The user can choose from a list of five models (Fluke 61, 62, 63, 66 and 68). These Fluke thermometers are capable of making various accurate temperature testing. To get the testing results fast the user just needs to point the instrument at where he wants to measure and pull the trigger. This single-handed operation is very easy. Single point laser beam visibly pin-points the measurement area either close up or further away from the Fluke meter. Temperature values are shown within one second in the brightly backlit LCD display in Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

More full featured models such as Fluke 68IS Handheld Infrared Thermometer (probably the best Fluke meter ever designed) also displays the minimum, maximum, average and differential temperature values. This feature will save you measurement time and thus money. These measuring instruments also feature an adjustable emissivity for precise measurements of a variety of industrial materials. Other relevant features include high and low signaling when temperature values surpass predetermined values. This Fluke Infrared Thermometer also features an on-board data logging for saving temperature value recordings and reviewing them later in the brightly backlit LCD display.