Fluke is Fluke 287 Multimetera leader in the field of electronic testing and measurement equipment with a presence throughout the world. This manufacturer offers a wide range of instrumentation solutions and electrical products including automotive digital multimeters and electrical testers. And if you ever had a professional electrician in your home and he whipped out a digital multimeter to measure the current in the wall, it was very likely from Fluke.

Fluke has over 10 different multimeter models in their line of electrical products, including Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter and Fluke 179 ESFP True RMS Multimeter with Backlight and Temp. But we are going to look specifically at the 289 True-RMS Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture and the 287 50,000 Count TRUE RMS Logging Multimeter with TraceCapture FLK-287.

TrendCapture is a big improvement over other logging digital multimeters (DMM) which must upload data to a PC to grab and view the results of the recording session immediately and respond to any intermittent issues that are uncovered. So, unlike these other digital multimeters the Fluke 280 series DMM has the ability to graphically review all the data on the display as soon as the testing is completed.

The user can start the recording from any function by pressing save and selecting from a few recording parameters such as the length of recording anywhere from one minute to eight days. Simply review the information to analyze any questionable issues that might suggest further testing. And use the exclusive zoom feature to take a closer look. Zoom on trend allows you to see specific information at X5 magnification. This feature provides a closer look at the displayed data. For recording intermittent issues and controlling there is probably no more significant enhancement in the range of digital multi meters than Fluke's TrendCapture functionality. It is also very important to say that the Fluke 287 and 289 multimeters are developed and designed to meet csa, ul, tuv, ce agency approvals, and is cat iii 1000 v/cat iv 600 v safety rated.

The Fluke 287 and 289 are developed and designed according to individual requirements, i.e. specific requests of the people who use them and their specific needs. Therefore the digital multimeter's design is based on quality, durability, simplicity of use, and trustworthiness. The Fluke multimeter is a top quality product, elegantly integrating advanced functionality users need with improvements and design simplicity to make any task less complicated, faster, and easier. The large 1/4 VGA display (320 x 240 dot matrix LCD display) is brightly backlit so no matter what the working conditions you will nevermore have problems seeing the data. Previously hard-to-find features are now easier to explore. The Fluke multimeter uses a clever menu system that can be quickly accessed with a series of button presses. And if you are uncertain about a specific function simply hit the "i" info button on meter for instant on screen help information, i.e. it actives help screen for measurement. The Fluke 287 and 289 are not only the most efficient and most user friendly digital multimeters on the market today but also superior in performance.

The mid-max function makes it possible for the user to record minimum, average and maximum input information allowing him to check a wide range of distinguished types of signal irregularities or disruptive and unforeseen fluctuations. Using the Fluke multimeter is easy and needs low maintenance; just connect the unit to the source and engage the mid-max function. The device will record and show any changes to the signal which may happen during the recording session. And the low impedance voltage feature prevents false readings due to ghost voltage 50Ω range for motor winding and low ohm measurements. But one thing you need to remember, before disconnecting the test leads from the circuit press the F4 button; this retains the start time of the recording process, the minimum, average and maximum values along with the exact times the values were reached. This recording process can quickly and easily be saved for later review with the push of a single button (F2 button).

The data logging function will allow the user to record and save the information needed while working on other important tasks. Setting up for an information logging process is actually very easy and only takes a few steps and a little bit of time. After that it is as easy as pressing start and letting the Fluke multimeter do the work. The unit will be works for the user while he is away. It can store up to 15,000 recorded events over time while saving multiple logging sessions before downloading to a computer. And in any time during a monitoring process the user can check on the status. It is possible for the user to see the time that has left, the total numbers of interval samples are already saved and total number of intermittent issues detected.

The logging function has expanded memory for unattended recording of information over time. After the recording session is complete the user can either give it a specific name or he can choose from a list of eight default names. The user can review the recorded information at any time by simply going back and selecting 'view memory'; log multiple recording sessions or log data continuously for over 200 hours. The user has the advantage of reviewing the log information from each category. He can use the navigation keys to make his choice and than press the view key. This brings up the last recorded session in that category. With the Fluke multimeter the user can be at two places at once saving him time and money as he detects irregular events way before they become huge issues.