Fluke Fluke 570 Precision Infrared Thermometer570 Precision Infrared Thermometers are meant for precise and accurate analysis and storing information of surface temperatures. The user can choose from a list of seven models (Fluke 572, 572CF, 574, 574CF, 574NI, 576 and 576CF). These instruments are probably the most advanced high-precision units in the Fluke line of thermometers. A wide temperature range makes these products adaptable to a great number of both building and industrial maintenance and process applications. Mighty optics is making possible precise measurements in the normal state of extremely small and very distant objects. The 570 Series features a three point laser siding that enables the user to precisely target the real largeness of a measuring area. The user sees precisely what he is measuring from all distances. The user can count on accurate results when measuring all types of surface materials such as plywood, concrete tile or zinc and aluminum.

Sturdy single handed operated Fluke 570 Precision Thermometers feature an adjustable emissivity setting for their near infrared spot thermometers.With a simple press of a control panel button the user can also set high and low alarms to notify him when temperatures have surpassed normal levels. Information are gathered and displayed on a large backlit display screen almost instantly. In order to save damage examination time the user can instantly review the actual, maximum, minimum, average or differential temperature charts. Another important feature when it comes to Fluke thermometers is the bar graph function. This feature enables the user to visually analyze high and low tendencies while performing temperature measurements. For professional data collection and analysis services the top of the line Fluke 570 Precision Infrared Thermometers have integrated digital camera that makes pictures of the testing area with added temperature and time and date stamp. Using the thermometers' integrated logging features the user can even store up to 100 data points or value markers in line charts and pictures which can be later downloaded to a personal computer. Software is included for graphic and analysis.

Fluke 561 Thermometer

The Fluke 561 is probably the best contact thermometer for superheat, sub cooling or other contact and ambient measurements on the market. Also, this instrument acts as an infrared thermometer capable of making fast surface scans and temperature analysis. The key advantage is ease of maintenance and testability. This assures improved quality of restoration work. The user can use this infrared Fluke instrument for inspecting electrical components, motors, bearing, electrical connections, and even for docks and vents. In order to make up for the measuring object emissivity, many infrared thermometers include an emissivity adjustment. An emissivity adjustment provides very high accuracy when making measurements of a variety of industrial materials including shiny metal and polyester items. Single point laser beam marks the measurement areas either close up or farther away from the thermometer. To save measurement hours the user can simply review the actual as well as the maximum, minimum, and differential temperatures in either degree Celsius or Fahrenheit in the brightly backlit LCD display. For simple contact temperature testing and to confirm infrared measurement results this Fluke thermometer also features a handy flexible pipe probe. The user can also use an industry standard K-Type thermocouple he already has for a big number of contact and ambient temperature testing.

Fluke 50 Series II Thermometers

Fluke 50 Series II Thermometers are practical measuring instruments for quick and very precise contact measurements and data recording offering extended testing capabilities. The user can choose from a list of four models (Fluke 51 II, 52 II, 53 II and 54 II). These Fluke thermometer models will give you many advantages such as thermocouple support and data logging capability you need in your everyday work. For ultimate preciseness sturdy and durable Fluke 50 instruments have an electronic offset function that compensates for thermo couple malfunctions. In order to save examination hours just like with the Fluke 60 Series the user can review the actual as well as minimum, maximum and average temperature values with time references (indicating the times of recordings) in the large brightly backlit LCD display.

Some of the best instruments in the 50 Series can log up to 500 points of recorded information to internal memory unit. User defined recording intervals help the user to capture big problems that occur and see trends that help you anticipate future maintenance needs. Another important feature of this Fluke thermometer is a real time clock. It captures the exact time of day of recorded measurement. Also, an important feature is the recall function. This feature allows log data to be easily viewed on the instruments' large brightly backlit LCD display. The user can also download the recorder measurement data to his personal computer for further reviewing and graphing using FlukeView software. It is also good to know that these Fluke instruments can be certified to meet specific laboratory needs.