Using fluoridated toothpaste and other health related products is very dangerous.  Consuming fluoridated water is even worse.  It is very scary to know our government is putting more fluoride in instead of taking it out of the water supply.

Watch this guy's amazing take on the dangers of fluoride

Fluorosis is very common for people to get of those who consume too much fluoride.  The enamel of your teeth begins to soften and the person begins to develop spots on the teeth.

Fluoride is very dangerous for anyone, especially young kids.  There is a warning right on the toothpaste bottle that states if you swallow too much toothpaste, you should seek medical attention.  This alone should tell you something.  How much is too much?  If they are telling you that a certain amount is dangerous, why is a small amount okay?  Poison in our system is poison no matter how much it is.

Gaining education on the fluoridation topic is extremely important to keep you and your family healthy.  What can you do to reduce the amount of fluoride you are consuming?  One thing that can help reduce this nasty add in is to purchase a heavy duty water filter that filters out the fluoride in your tap water.  Once I switched to a better filter, I noticed a great improvement in my health.  I immediately started to feel as though I had more energy and my immune system was back up again.  I was rarely getting sick.  Another thing you can do is buy fluoride free toothpaste for your entire family.  Make sure you rinse your mouth with water after you are done.  You can also find a holistic dentist.  Make sure it is one that believes in fluoride free dental care and that does not believe in filling your teeth with old fashion style mercury fillings.  Choosing your dentist is just as important as choosing a primary care doctor.  When you choose a holistic dentist, it is important that you fully understand the process they use to remove your mercury fillings.  There is a wrong way and a right way to remove them.  Removing the mercury fillings the wrong way could make you very ill.  Spend some time in the clinic understanding the procedure they use to remove them and what makes their removal process safe.

The Clearly Filtered water filter gets the fluoride out of your tap water, is of course BPA free and is easy to fill. This pitcher is great for your fridge as it is a gallon size.
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