Fluval Fish Tank Filters for Your Aquarium

In the world of aquarium filters, one stands out from the crowd: Fluval aquarium filters.   Despite serious competition from the likes of Eheim, Tetra, Sera, Aqua One, Rena and more, Hagan Fluval filters are the best choice. In this article, we will discuss some of the many reasons why Hagan Fluval filters for your aquarium are considered the best choice for the serious aquarium hobbyist or professional. In most every field there emerges one clear winner; in this case it is Fluval filters for your aquarium.

What does an aquarium filter do? Without an fish aquarium filter, water in a fish tank becomes murky due to things like excess food, fish waste, excess chemicals, algae growth, bacteria and dirty gravel. This provides an unhealthy environment for the fish because the oxygen level in the fish tank is reduced. Fish are unable to breathe and one indication is when fish keep coming up to the surface of the water frequently. The solution is to either change the fish tank water every other day or use a good aquarium filter.

Fluval aquarium filters help to filter the waste in the fish tank water. All the waste is drawn down through the aquarium cartridge filter system and eliminated. The main purpose of an aquarium filter is to remove waste, thereby preventing the water in the aquarium from becoming cloudy. When waste is allowed to remain in the fish tank there is a buildup of toxins that will poison the fish in the tank.

Fluval G Series Aquarium Filter

Fluval aquarium filters are of different types, including cartridge filters and barrel filters as well as different sizes of filters designed to handle various volumes of water. The Hagan Fluval G series filter is well worth discussing. It is sleek cartridge filter with a gloss black finish, aluminum details and a blue backlit display. The Fluval aquarium filter is equipped with a range of features to ensure it functions very efficiently.Fluval Filter G

The features of the Fluval G canister filter include a primer that siphons the water automatically; an aquastop system to stop the water flow for maintenance work; a microprocessor drive pump; silicone gasket and Telescopic Intake and Strainer-rim attachment among others. The Fluval G filter is a revolutionary model that has a host of advanced technological features to keep an aquarium super clean.  The filter strainer is an added touch that makes Fluval the best for your fish.

The Fluval external filter has two primary parts consisting of a pre-filter and the main filters. The aquarium filter pulls the fish tank water through an intake port and then sends it through the fish tank filter to be cleaned. After the filtration is complete, the now clean water is sent back into the fish tank.

What makes Fluval filters outstanding is that they are designed with features that go beyond what many other aquarium filtration systems offer. For example, most of the cartridge filters feature the self-release pressure valve that can detect changes in water pressure and automatically cut-off the pump. Fluval pumps are wonderfully quiet when operational and the modular design makes cartridge changes and cleaning a breeze.

There are three types of aquarium filtration, mechanical, biological and chemical. The Hagan Fluval filters combine all three methods, providing a highly superior filtration and cleaning system for your fish tank.  What is exceptional is that it is possible to do one type of filtering without the other two, making the cartridge filtration system extremely efficient. Fluval aquarium filters are versatile because the water intake spout can be adjusted to work either vertically or horizontally.

Whether you’re just setting up your first fish aquarium or you already have an established fish tank and need to replace the aquarium filter system, Fluval aquarium filters should be at the top of your list when considering aquarium filters.  Fluval aquarium filters are simply the best.

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