What is Fluxx?

Fluxx is a geek card game that seems easy at first. But, then it becomes more of a challenge as your realise that the rules are constantly 'in fluxx'! Yes - it does what it says on the tin - the game rules could change with a single turn. As can the goal! 

It is a fun and easy 2-6 player game. games will last around 30-40 minutes, depending on the cards played. I have found that the more players, the better the game! There is a family version which will be great to play with the kids. There are many different themed versions of Fluxx, such as the eco-Fluxx, Martian Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx.

Fluxx 4.0
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Starting the Game

Every player starts with three cards in their hand. The basic game rules apply until a 'rule change' applies. In the beginning, each player will draw one card and play one.  The aim of the game is to achieve what it says on the current 'goal' card. Be be careful - this may also change throughout the game, and it happens quite quickly!

The cards that you could have in your hand may include keepers, creepers, goal cards, action cards and rule change cards.  

There is some element of strategy and planning involved, but remember that as the game is constantly in 'fluxx', the rules and goal may change at any time and completely scupper your plans!


How to Play Fluxx

Keepers are good cards to play, because you may play a keeper that achieves the current goal and helps you to win. Keepers stay on the table until someone plays a card that means that they are swapped or discarded.

Creepers are not good - they can prevent you from achieving the goal - so it is a good idea to get rid of these when you can. Creepers have to be played immediately. You can do get rid of your creepers by discarding them or passing them to another player, but only when you play a card that allows you to do so! However, sometimes the creeper might be part of the goal!

Rule change cards mean that instead of following the original game rules of play 1 - draw 1, these could become something completely different, such as draw 3 - play 4. You can also get rule cards that give you a hand limit of say one or two cards. This would mean that at the end of your go, you would have to choose which cards to discard to make sure that you have the correct card limit in your hand.

Goal cards show what keepers you need to have on the table to win the game. You can strategize to try and play the keepers and goal cards together to win the game. 

You may also get action cards, which tell you that you can perform certain actions when you play them. For example, you could play a card that allows you to draw 3 more and then play them immediately. Or, you could ask everyone to send their keepers to the person on the right. There are many different actions, and some are unique to the version of Flux that you are playing. For example, the Field of Poppies in the Wizard of Oz Fluxx makes people miss a turn!


Wizard of Oz Fluxx

Looney Labs 5513474 Oz Fluxx Card Game, 100 Cards
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The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time, and The Wizard of Oz Fluxx is definitely my favorite themed version of this game.

The keeper and creeper cards are very reflective of the movie. For example, a goal could be that you win the game by having the tin man and an artificial heart on the table. But you could end up with Flying Monkeys as your creeper!
Cthulhu Fluxx
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(price as of Oct 4, 2016)
Cthulhu Fluxx is based on the Mythos world of H. P. Lovecraft's 'Call of Cthulhu' books. Keepers include the Artist, the Cultist and the Dreamer. Creepers include Yog-Sothoth, metamorphosis and knightmares.

In my opinion, this is one of the hardest games of Fluxx. there are addition 'no goal' cards, which mean that if this goal is achieved, there are no winners of the game. There are doom and anti-doom tokens on cards, which need to be added up in certain situations and may go against you. There are also added surprise cards that can be played at any time in the game, such as the Secret Cultist, which trumps the 'no-goal' card and allows you to win the game in this situation.
Monty Python Fluxx
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The Monty Python version of Fluxx is the funniest, and a must have for any Monty Python fans! Keeper cards include the shubbery, an airbourne cow and Sir Robin.

Beware, this game may involve singing Monty Python songs, quoting dialogue from the films and also speaking in a fake accent! There is even a card called 'Always look on the bright side of life!', which will eradicate the negative effects of your creepers!