Fly Me To The Moon


I had the most awesome dream that my family and I flew to the moon and settled there. This was a secret and we flew back to earth a short while later intending to fly back permanently. It was an awesome experience even dreaming it. The moon was very much like earth in my dream but quite less inhabited.



I began to think about the possibility of habitation on another planet and how big a step it would be to leave our mother earth. Of course, there are plans by NASA in the future to have a space station on the moon and for a small crew of astronauts to actually live there in the station. This is really an awesome venture. Although, venturing to a planet that has so many opposite characteristics that we need seems useless. As we learn more about the moon maybe we will be able to figure out how it can suit our everyday needs.



There has been, over the years, talk about colonization on the moon. Obviously, it would be a huge challenge to fly average people to the moon. These people would not be trained astronauts and would most likely panic from the dangerous space flight to the moon. Then there is the problem with no gravity, air, little water and dangerously fluctuating temperatures. The moon has no atmosphere and there is no rain or snow or even wind.

Overcoming these obstacles would take some serious thought. Building a space station, of course, is a good solution but the idea of living inside forever except for some walks in your space suit is exciting only for a short time. Among living in these stations, food would also have to be harvested somehow. Imagine living in a world where everything would have to be secure or bolted down. Although, there may be a way to create artificial gravity, it is not like natural gravity.

There is a wealth of problems in actually living on the moon that would have to be resolved in order to actually live there.

Inspired by my dream, I began to think of all the possibilities that lay ahead for the mission to the moon. There are many challenges that remain but the hopefulness also lay in the path that some day, we will meet the challenge which makes life so interesting and exciting for us all. Who knows what possibilities will happen in the future.