Flying Car for the Rich -  Air and Land Vehicle PAL-V

Everyone seems to have a dream about flying. Some are terrified whilst others are electrified. Most people dislike the queue and the long hours at most international airport. If you are given the chance to fly from the comfort of your street to any destination, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? That is what the makers of the Air and Land Vehicle Pal-V are trying to offer to the rich and fortunate. The government will not allow that of course.

There is nothing like a cheap plane for the poor. If you don’t have at least, $350K to spend, you will have to stick to the cheap flights you are already used to. The makers of this device are Dutch. That means they are from the Netherlands and they are hoping to get their little helicopter vehicle into the hands of buyers in 2014. That is enough time for many to start saving up.

Will you buy one if you could afford it?

What will the world be like if everyone you know owns a car that can fly? That will be rather interesting and a nightmare at the same time. Can you imagine a car dropping off the sky into your living room? There will be a lot of chaos and accident. The concept is great but it will never replace current transportation as we know it. That said, many will definitely pull out their credit card if only they could. There is something rather interesting about the Air and Land Vehicle PAL-V. You don’t need a long runway (165 meters) in order to take to the skies. That will be one of the advantages that those with money will see in it.

It looks like a toy that will make those with boring lives very happy. It is a shame that you cannot carry a lot of people in your flying car. That would make an excellent job for those who want to run a shuttle service in the morning rush hour.  

It is amazing what can be achieved when people are given the creative opportunity to express their inner desire.