Low budget airlines are inexpensive for a reason – hidden costs. Nearly everything imaginable costs extra on these airlines. Most of these airlines charge extreme amounts of money for oversized or overweight carry-on items, checking a luggage, choosing a seat, and paying with a credit card.

One can visit Ryanair's website and see all the extra fees that the airline charges its customers (http://www.ryanair.com/en/questions/table-of-fees).

To make sure that one can avoid these extra costs, which would make the price of the ticket similar to any other airline, one should take careful steps to ensure a more inexpensive travel.

First, the traveler should either make sure that the carry-on item is of standard weight and size or check the luggage in advance. Some of the low budget airlines do not check the weight and size of carry-on items until boarding time. At this time, if the company finds oversized or overweight items, the traveler will be punished with what might seem to be outrageous fines. The traveler would save money by indicating that a bag would be checked instead of being fined for having an oversized or overweight carry-on item.

Also, the traveler should check the airline website frequently before buying a ticket. Reduced fares are commonly available from these airlines and travelers that plan ahead should not have to pay much for a ticket. However, travelers should be aware that just because the flight is said to go to a certain city, the flight is very likely to go to an airport far outside of the city. Transportation is available from airports that are outside of the city; however, it may take over an hour to actually reach the city.

It might seem strange not to have an assigned seat on the airline; however, one pays for comfort. The airline company is in the business of making money; therefore, they will charge whatever they can for whatever people will buy. Assigned seats are one of these things. If you want a cheap ticket, do not worry about not having an assigned seat or sitting with a friend or family member: the purpose of flying low budget airlines is to save money.

Be careful of hidden costs when flying low budget airlines. Make sure that research is done beforehand so that one does not find that extra money needs to be paid before the flight.