Flying while in need of dental work is not a good idea for anyone. Taking to the skies has been something mankind has always dreamed of. What birds can do makes man envious. All attempts prior to powered flight of the twentieth century ended in disappointment or disaster. Greek mythology includes the tale of Icarus who flew but was so successful he got too close to the Sun.

Dental authorities will tell you that due to changes in pressure, tooth pain will be multiplied many times while in flight. Commercial airline travel is one thing but military aviation is another. Altitudes above 50, 000 feet are common for such flights.

Thus after becoming part of the flying arm of the military a first order of business was a trip to the dentist. Years of neglect in the tooth department was about to demand payment in pain. The base dental crew began with the usual x-rays and study. Next, they determined that the government need not be concerned about cosmetics. Pulling teeth was their approach. Civilian dentists may emphasize saving teeth but saving money was what was at hand.

The strong firm hand wrapped around a tooth pulling pliers was reaching far back into the upper left jaw. With crunches and grunts the molar was coming out but not without a fight. No meat would be chewed in that area again. Such is life.

Fortunately, things have changed quite a bit and we now have many options when it comes to dental work. If you live in the Carolinas, you can visit sites that talk about the best Charlotte dentist as well as cosmetic dentists in Concord, NC. What is difficult with the new system is finding a dentist that cares more about the patient than finding ways to charge more money. Since most dental work is paid for by insurance companies, they recommend unneeded procedures to be performed, so that they can charge for it.

This is why the right dentist can save you so much pain, as well as time and money. Basic prevention and useful tips like keeping away from airplanes when needing serious work done can help your teeth have a long life and keep you chomping for years.