Pigeons - the flying pests that infested our lives in big cities, making a mess of our surrounding. Large and smaller cities are crowded with pigeons, which becomes a quiet a problem for the citizens, or visitors, since there is pigeon litter covering the most visited places and monuments of main touristic locations all over the world. That's when living with flying rats becomes impossible. But how do we get rid of pigeons? How to protect our cities from pigeon droppings and unwanted parasites and diseases? People argue that pigeons can carry various diseases that might be transmitted to humans through contact with bird feces or through a direct contact with a pigeon itself. Also pigeon can transmit fleece and other parasites. Those factors might become a safety for your children, yourself or your beloved pets.

There are various methods that work when it comes to getting those pigeons out of your territory. Some methods are safe for you and pigeons, other ones are more radical, for both the birds and those who realize them in practice. Since the problem with pigeons is naturally humans fault, because we cut down most of the trees for our own use of space, and the trees are birds natural habitat, I would recommend you, trying safe methods before going to extremes. This will be a win, win situation for both of you. Let's review those methods, starting from the safest one.

* Pigeon spikes - There are metallic and plastic pigeon spikes. The latest plastic bird spikes are less visible then the older metallic versions, but it is still a very effective tool against flying pests. That helps to maintain the building esthetics and façade clean and tidy. The advantage of plastic pigeon spikes is that you can just install them onto your balcony, in order to prevent pigeon from marking your territory with nasty goo. It is also totally safe fir the bird, just making it uncomfortable to sit or land, then rather piercing or harming the pigeon.

* Pigeon nets – another safe method to get pigeons out of your property. Pigeon nets acts as barriers that prevents pigeons from landing on your buildings. Although unlike pigeon spikes, pigeon nettings are much more visible and look uglier on the building, they are still doing their job fine, when it comes to stopping those nasty pests bothering you.

* Pigeon repellent – one of the most extreme methods of combating pigeons. Normally a pigeon repellant is a toxic spray or powder, which is deadly to the pigeon. While doing its job, it is not a very humane way to getting rid of pigeons, and also might result lethal to your cat or dog that comes in contact with the chemical. So personally, I would not recommend pigeon repellents in your war with pigeons.

The three methods listed above are considered being an effective solution against pigeons on your territory. So take action!