Remember Safety When Flying RC Airplanes

Flying rc airplanes through the sky is a great hobby. Beginner pilots must remember to keep safety in mind, for themselves as well as for others while flying rc airplanes.

In the list below are some safety steps that beginner pilots should consider:

 - Become a member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)  and receive more information about flying model aircraft.

-  Locate a flying club in your city, join it, and make new friends.

- Always fully charge the  receiver flight battery, and make sure your airplane's controls are operating properly.

- Wear goggles or some form of protection for your eyes, when starting an rc airplane engine.

- Use  a electric starter when starting an airplane engine, never use your bare hands.



Here are some guide-lines beginner or experienced pilots should never do

- Fly near power lines

- Fly in gusty winds

- Fly model aircraft too high in the sky

- Fly airplanes too close to homes or trees

- Fly over a freeway or an airport

- Do not attempt to model airplanes if you see lightning in the sky or hear thunder.

- If you are  already flying and see lightning,  land your airplane immediately and seek shelter in a car or some place indoors.

- If you or a fellow pilot suffers a serious injury, call 911 for emergeny help!   


White Clouds and Blue Skies

Guide-lines Addressed From a Personal View Point

* Why you should never fly model aircraft near power lines? You could get electrocuted if your aircraft accidently touches a power line. Fly in the middle of your flying field.

* Why you should not fly in gusty winds? Because gusty winds are not the idea time for flying rc airplanes. Such winds can make for dangerous and almost uncontrollable flight conditions. Airplanes fly better in light winds.

* Why you should not fly an airplane too high in the sky? You could possibly lose sight of your aircraft, and it would fly away. Flying at an altitude of 500 feet is very high, a safer altitude of 100 - 200 feet a better visibility.

* Why you should not fly too close to homes or trees? Well, you could accidently hit a home or lose your airplane in a group of trees. Always try to fly in the middle of the flying field.

* Why you should not fly over a freeway or an airport?  You are risking harm to others, as well as yourself. Although tempting, resist such temptation for safety reasons.

In Conclusion:

 In the very beginning I did not keep some of the guide-lines listed above when flying models. But I learned over time how important safety can be when it comes to flying rc airplanes.  Follow the guide-lines for safe fun flying!





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