Flying Saucers: A Phenomenon to Reckon With


By: J. Marlando

Why a cover up

People have been reporting UFOs since ancient times—they are out there as I have seen one myself and I promise you I was with witnesses and I saw it for around 45 minutes hovering before it sped across the sky to disappear in the distance. I know other sensible, sensitive people who have witnesses UFO phenomenon as well. No, not some weirdo group but ordinary folks that never gave much thought to flying saucers until they happen to glance up and see one. Thousands of people in our own times make thousands of reports every year of seeing UFOs. World’s government denies that they are real and the press is limited in their coverage by who knows what authority?

The silencing began in July of 1947 when the ranch foreman of Foster Ranch by the name of Mac Brazel told the Sheriff he had found some strange material that of a “flying disk.” Sheriff Wilcox passed this information on to Major Jessie Marcel, the Roswell Army Air force base intelligent officer. On the 8th of July the local newspaper printed a story that the Roswell Army Air force had released the story of a “captured flying saucer.”

Pictures like these followed as did the official denials.

flying(115533) flying(115532) flying(115614)

First of all a local newspaper would not dare create a false report from the Army Air force—if they did they could be/would be ruined. It is no surprise that there are no known copies of the original press release but what those who remember say it was that the Roswell Army Air Force was fortunate to gain possession of a disk through the cooperation of a local rancher.

Since then the Air Force and so the government has denied that there has ever been a verifiable reporting of an UFO. Yet, there has been literally hundreds of thousands of reports worldwide since 1940. Obviously not all have had a sound basis behind their reports. For example, there are people who claim to be taken up into alien spaceships but the problem in believing those tales is that not one has ever returned with a souvenir.

Nevertheless, a great many reports come from respected people in their societies such as policemen, pilots and yes the astronauts. The question is, however, if flying saucers be true, why would government keep such a phenomenal discovery a secret?

The rumored answer to this question is that it is feared people would panic. Well, truth be told when Orson Well’s did his War of the Worlds radio show in 1938 about an invasion from outer space…there were people who  indeed panicked.


When we recall that in 1962 people all over the world faced a near nuclear holocaust there were no major panicking by groups of people.flyinh   Defcon-2 is a military alert at a state of readiness that is next to war itself.  

So if panic isn’t the reason why world the reality of UFOs be held in such secret?

I believe a major reason is that it is feared that international religions, the thread that keeps the world in obedience, along with the economic-social systems of governments might collapse.  Look what occurred when Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was publicized, the “God is dead” conclusion emerged and, in effect, is still being taught in higher education. If we were to actually be given official documentation that there were indeed space-machines, much less living beings, from other intelligence in the universe, our entire religious and social systems could theoretically fall appart.

We are used to looking at society straight on but when we look down on it like one can look down on an ant colony we can clearly see there are but a few elite comptrollers, their enforcers followed by workers and other followers. This, in a nutshell, is the structure of so-called civilization.

So if there is a cover up it is for the reasons stated or for similar reasons and not the big brother cause of protecting us from panic.

Are There Actually Alien Space Crafts

The UFO (mentioned earlier) that I saw streaked across the sky at thousands of miles per hour, stopped, hovered for around forty-five minutes and then sped back on what I reckoned to be the exact flight path it had arrived on. Is there any way that what I saw was some weird but natural phenomenon? While the “thing” resembled a star, not even falling stars are able to maneuver like the UFO I’m talking about so, as I’ve said, I absolutely believe that there are UFOs, in terms of “fly saucers” observed in our heavens.

There are good arguments against the alien theories of course and the major one is distance itself. Not counting the sun of course, our nearest star is Proxima Centauri flying(115599) if it were possible to travel at the speed of light (186 thousand miles per second) we could Theorhetically land a rocket on its surface in 4,22 years. Even if we could land a rocket there we wouldn’t want to since Centauri is a red dwarf—not nearly as hot as our sun but, as is said, hot as hell nevertheless.

This symbolizes a major problem since we maintain that nothing in the mega-world can travel at the speed of light and even if something could it would take decades to actually do a Star Trek journey and travel among some of the stars. However, we have the technology right now to reach the moon in about the time it takes to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  With advancing technology building artificial environments on the moon becomes an objective goal. Anyway, the point here is that aliens living on far away planets, who by all common sense, could take much more than a century to get from their spot in the sky to ours and even thousands of years depending on where Planet X is located. For purposes of this article this creates a few challenging questions but before attempting to answer them we’ll visit a few others who have seen and reported UFO sightings: There is an Oklahoma born person who says that he saw a glowing, greenish object that was quickly approaching him. He said the approaching UFO was real because it was picked up on radar. Green flying objects are you kidding? Not at all, the young man from Oklahoma that I am speaking of is Major Gordon Cooperflyinh(115600)  and he experienced this while orbiting earth in a Mercury Capsule back in 1963. At one time he testified before the United Nations saying, “I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets…”

Buss Aldrin from the Apollo 11 moon missionsflying(115601) broke a long silence by saying that without reservation the astronauts on their mission saw a UFO keeping pace with them during their journey to the moon.

For a number of reasons the following cannot be as quickly verified because the cover-up is extremely liquid but Neil Armstrongflyinh(115602)  admitted that he had been warned off the moon by aliens and that there was a large space station or moon city there. Indeed, he gave the message to Mission Control that there were two large, mysterious objects watching them after landing near the moon module but this message was censored by NASA. Later Armstrong would confirm this but refused to go into any details. Nevertheless, Buzz Aldrin spoken of earlier took movies of the UFOs. It is said that the CIA was behind the cover-up.  Maurice Chatelain flyinh(115603) former chief of NASA Communications Systems acknowledged that Armstrong had reported seeing the UFOs on the rim of the crater but such reports were ordered to absolute silence by Mission Control.

Scott Carpenterflying(115604)  actually said that while the astronauts were in space they were never alone.

None of the above has ever been officially confirmed but I know of no astronauts denying the reports either.  In fact, as early as 1962 Joseph A. Walkerflying(115608) a record breaking NASA pilot said that he had filmed UFOs twice with one filming occurring on a fifty-mile high flight. He spoke of these films at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle but those films have never been released.

More recently itis said that this photoflying(115611)  was taken outside a Cessna Sky master flying over the Mojave Desert by David Hastings who was with a co-pilot by the name of David Peterson. Hastings flying(115610)said that there was no noise or turbulence.

So what are we to believe—that all these folks are publicity hounds, trick photographers and basically liars or that they, along with a great many other highly respectable people around the world are simply reporting what they have seen and/or experienced?

Our own galaxy contains billions of stars with an estimated equal number of planets orbiting around them—most in the habitable zone. To believe that we are the only planet that supports life is absurd when one counts the possibilities in our own Milky Way not even to mention another 100,000 galaxies plus in the universe.

Still, the vast distances present a problem when we even begin to imagine someone traveling through space and time from some tiny speck in the sky flyinh(115612)to our planet, another tiny speck in the VAST galaxy we call home.


Before jumping into this section I want to assure the reader that I make no claim to being a scientist, physicist or even an amateur expert on any of these matters—I read a lot of the theoretical physicists for the enjoyment and experience of it but I am a primarily a basics 101 type when it comes to any material beyond a great Louis L’Mour tale. With this in mind I’ll continue.

Since we know that a trip to the nearby stars would take decades even if we could travel the speed of light, than we need to answer the question that asks how the heck does UFOs (flying saucers) travel those incredible distances into our visual space or is it really even possible?

To answer this question we’ll begin with the traditional view that they—the aliens—have somehow mastered traveling at the speed of light or very close to it. When we remember that the faster the flying saucer travels the slower time moves inside the craft. That is, if we sent a group of star travelers  from earth close to the speed of light, fifty years might pass on earth while on two or three years inside the craft. This is Einstein 101!

And so a fifty year journey would actually not take longer than say two to five years to complete from some distant planet Xflyiong to our vulnerable, little marvel under the sun.

Traveling close to approximately 186,000 miles per second is pretty difficult to imagine especially if we are imagining an actual physical object zooming through space consuming the kind of energy that even reaching such speed, much less maintaining such speed, would demand.

Another thought is that when a UFO leaves another planet it does not fly or blast off but rather is, in an old Star Trek sense, beamed into another dimension avoiding our space/time limitations and simply takes a quantum jump from one space/time zone to another? 

Another thought is that the flying saucers we see are not manned. We already have clones flying about with no living pilot in the cockpit. We already have landed a “machine” on mars that gathered information for us without a human at its actual helm. It isn’t that difficult to imagine a spaceship traveling millions, even billions of miles guided by a distant home base and monitored by onboard robots.  Even as I am writing all these hypothesized concepts the real scientists are moving faster and faster ahead in their quest to create the ultimate artificial intelligence. That ultimate intelligence might well be designed to look like this as opposed to this  or this


There is another theory also: What if what we see and call flying saucers are merely clones sent from a large mother ship that stays out of our sight taking on the character of sky during the days and looks like a star during the night? We humans are not far from creating invisible aircraft ourselvesflying(115622)  What if a mother ship houses an entire artificial environment in which people are born and die just as they do in a real environment? When we think of the years space travel seems to take, a total commitment to a life of exploration does not seem farfetched even for humans in the distant future. Indeed, we could be talking about two or three generations of explorers. A mother ship’s population could certainly be a controlled population! There have always been willing explorers and, as they always say, space is the final frontier.



I know a group of physicists and businesspeople who swear that we have aliens among us. I do not believe this but…on the other hand, I do not disbelieve this either.

When I think of these things, however, I recall that no one believed the comic strip Buck Rogers (started in 1929) either with all its science fiction yet a great deal has evolved into being prophetic not excluding spacemen and rocket travel. In 1929 people had adjusted to automobiles and commercial flight was catching on but very few folks, younger or older, paid much attention to the future of space or the possibility of aliens until the Roswell incident in 1947. Quite suddenly “flying saucers” were being seen everywhere. Not that they hadn’t been seen before but now they were in everyone imagination and that means projections of the mind were activated in both the day and night skies. No one can say, however, that out of the hundreds of thousands of sightings all were mere figments of imagination or mistaken identities. And yes, in regard to all this,  I’ve read Timothy Good, John Spencer, Jackson and Sitchin (their books are where I found the astronaut’s reports of sightings as shared in the above) but those supporters of alien travelers are amidst countless, legitimate witnesses of UFOs from people like you and like me. The pure numbers make it impossible to doubt that we share this universe with a great many others. My own sighting has me even further convinced. Zecharia Sitchin in his book, The Lost Book of Enki, tells us that the first ancient astronauts were from the planet Nibiru. There are certainly enough reports from indigenous peoples (worldwide) to support Sitchin’s basic claims if not his specific claims.

How could and can alien crafts make it to our tiny planet from such unimaginable long distances? There are all kinds of theories like the possibility of bending space or using wormholes as “rapid transit” systems in the cosmos. I kind of favor the one that suggests traveling throughout space by entering and exiting different dimensions. And speaking of dimensions only 4 dimensions can be observed in the scientist’s laboratory but in M-theory it takes at least 10 dimensions to describe the universe. Because of this theory, I am thinking that perhaps advanced aliens have found ways to monitor and control vibrations so that they cannot only see other dimensions0 vibrating at their own speeds but are able to enter and exit them at will.

As for the Aliens themselves—I suppose there are planets out there with populations and technologies thousands of years beyond our own and I suppose there are planets out there with populations thousands of years behind us. And as for those who are up their watching, I see this as a healthy signal for the future. A consistency in nature is that when environments change the living inhabitants either move or die. When we think of our long range future, this is worth considering.