You’re flying solo with you little one on a long distance flight of more than 10 hours. With so many hours of flight ahead, how should you pack to make sure you have all the things you need to keep your little one comfortable?

Begin with an end in mind: Your goal is to pack enough to help you maneuver around, and to care for your little one with least hassle possible at the same time.

We know we can’t bring everything we “want” with us, yet we want to be practical as well. Here’s how you do it:

It would be smart to check with your airlines first what is their carry on policy. I flew with United, and was able to bring a stroller, a diaper bag, and a backpack for carry on.

For the mom/ dad/ accompanying adult:

  1. Energy bar - It will be a challenge to try to eat a meal, and carrying your curious little ones on your lap at the same time. Most likely you won’t be able to finish the meal. A few Clif bars can go a long ways.
  2. Hydration bottle - The climate on airplanes are kept cool and dry so keep yourself and your little well hydrated. Also, remember to empty it each time before you go through the airport security checkpoint.
  3. Essential toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, facial mist, body lotion - You will have no time for facial treatment on the plane. Be real and save some room, these will help you get by.
  4. Comfortable and inflatable neck pillow - You may not able to sleep through, so take a few good power naps will give you the energy to care for your little ones.
  5. A set of clothes for change - Your little ones will get you messy even if you don’t. Be prepared.

For the little one:

  1. Food - Formula, two bottles for the formula, non-sugary snack. Bringing non sugary snack can help to keep your little one less active, but do not make drastic dietary change. Having some of your little one’s comfort food handy will make things easier for you. Click here ( for guidance on packing food and liquids for small children.
  2. Diaper - Pack one diaper for every two-hour of travel time, including layover time
  3. Sippy cup
  4. Clothes - minimally two sets - pack one set of clothes for each meal you’ll be having on the plane,
  5. Disposable bibs - You can get disposable bibs that are waterproof and big enough to keep your little one clean.
  6. Baby medication for emergency - baby Tylenol, gas drop, saline drops, Vick's (TM) BabyRub.
  7. Diaper cream

Of course, these are in addition to travel documentation such as travel consent letter from both of the child’s parents, passports, flight reservations information. It would be wise to make two copies of all the vital travel documents you will be bringing; one for your carry on, and another for a person you can entrusted it with.

Remember to check with all the carriers you’ll be flying with, plus visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s  website for advice on traveling with children.

If things get rough, remind yourself that this is only temporary, and the fun part of actual vacation will is just around the corner. Have a safe and smooth trip!