If you don't have the money for business class or own a private jet, then the only way to travel is economy class. Yes it is very annoying when you are flying in economy class ,due to people in front of you bringing down their seats while your eating , which to me is very annoying. Also when you have to get up each time someone over weight has to move across your legs, and hope that they do not step on your legs. Luckily we have some tips to help you economy flying folks. These tips will hopefully cut some of the stress of flying economy.First and far most , you can always call your airline and pay a fee to pick where you sit. 

The best places to sit on an economy are the seats near the exit doors, due to having more space for you to stretch your legs and not worry about the passengers in front of you causing some stress. As well sitting beside the window is a good seat if you like watching the view while you travel, but at the same time if you have to go to the washroom , you might have to cause some trouble to your neighbors if you're not sitting beside the exit.  As well try to avoid the back rows, due to the seats not being able to recline or being placed near a washroom will be troublesome due to many amounts of passengers walking up and down the aisle. One of the few flaws about sitting beside the exit is that the pop up entertainment screens might be attached to your arm rest, so there is some thinking to do, such as whether to do pick leg room over-arm rest.As well if you get motion sickness try getting seats which are closer to the pilots cabin, which will help reduce some turbulence to a certain degree. 

Another flaw of sitting beside the exit , is that your feet can get a little cold due to the distance of the exit door to your seat. The next useful tip is for the couples or a pair of friends that are flying together on a three seated row. So our tip is that you guys should book the two outside seats, because the middle seat is the least popular one , and its hard for airlines to fill those seats, and you guys might get lucky and have the entire row for yourselves.As well if you need more help on deciding on where to sit on an airplane , there are sites that are made to help make good decisions such as Seatguru.com, and Seatexpert.So we hope you have learned enough to make the best out of your economy class trip! inwidth="0" style="border:none;"