Foam board insulation is a plastic material used in the construction of houses and building. It is the only material that is environmentally friendly. It can be used as an alternative for wood and steels.

In fact, as compared to fiber glass, foam board insulation is easier to set up. Foam board insulation has its usage in almost any areas in the house.

It can function as the exterior of the building. It can be used in between studs on the interior walls. It can also insulate roofs and ceilings.

The standard size of a foam board is 4 by 8 ft. sheets. Its width could range from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. If the user wants to adjust the standard size of the foam board, it can be divided using a handsaw or a knife.

As compared to wood and steels, the weight of foam board insulation is very light. Further, it is a challenge to inflame a foam board. It is extremely tough. In fact, it is a material that can not be penetrated by water, moisture and acid.

Unlike some materials whose colors fade over a period of time, foam board stays as fresh looking as it was since day one. Furthermore, it absorbs any forms of sounds.

Foam board is not just environmentally friendly, it is much easier to install as well. The installer can simply use glue or nails. There is a possible insect problem when using foam board insulation.

The material component of foam board insulation does not offer any food for the insects. Therefore, it becomes susceptible to be their domicile. It could be used as their tunnels as well.

Unfortunately, insects could degrade the structural robustness of foam board insulation. There are ways to address this issue. This is to use the number one enemy of insects, which are insecticides.

The foam board insulation should be treated with insecticides. With this, the insects will keep their distance from the foam board insulation the farthest that they possibly could.

Another challenge that may be encountered with foam board insulation is fire. It is true that foam board insulation can not be penetrated by flame easily. This is one material that is extremely difficult to ignite.

However, once ignited, it produces toxic gas. This is dangerous to property and people. A fire barrier is required as a coating to foam board insulation to address this concern.

Foam Board Insulation is the most eco-friendly material you will encounter in the field of house construction. It has other advantages that can not be surpassed by any of the alternative materials in the industry.

It is only important that the installer takes the necessary precaution so as not to experience the cons that goes with the product. Overall, the product will definitely serve the consumers well.