Breaking into the Fun World of RC Flying Without Breaking Your New Toy

Rc flying is a big happy load of fun - and oftentimes new pilots want to break into it but are unsure about their flying skills and whether they will be able to successfully fly their new rc planes without destroying them. Foam rc planes are a great way to get started in rc flying as they allow you to concentrate on having fun and learning the basic necessary rc flying skills without having to obssess over damaging your new rc aircraft. Foam rc planes are also perfect for kids, who also want to focus on the fun aspect of getting airborne with a new rc plane and enjoying doing tricks and loops!

Padding Your Plane and Padding Your Wallet with Foam RC Planes

Foam rc planes are also the most affordable of all rc planes, to boot. If you are just looking to dip your toe in to the big happy load of fun that is rc flying but you don't have the money or inclination to make a major investment in your new hobby, then you'll also enjoy the fact that you can find good, well-constructed and reliable foam rc planes for sale for under $40 that include absolutely everything you need to get airborne and have a good time outside. Finding your own foam rc plane is a fairly simple process as many online purveyors have good looking and easy to understand websites that not only show off their foam rc planes for sale but also explain the details and selling points of each model they carry.

Things to Consider When Getting Your First Foam RC Plane

You will probably have a great time with your foam rc plane and really enjoy getting it out of the box and up into the air in no time flat, but eventually you will start to notice a couple of limitations that your foam rc plane carries. For one thing, beginner rc planes and foam rc planes for sale usually don't have the bravest motors - one of the ways they are designed to protect themselves is by not being able to get up too much crazy speed that would translate into serious damage in the event of a crash.

Therefore you'll probably start to notice that your foam rc plane is sort of cruising along while other rc planes might be zipping past super fast on the airfield. That's just fine, but you'll one day probably want to upgrade to a little bit of speed once you've got the hang of take-offs, landings and basic air moves.

Meanwhile, they still have enough juice to do some of the basics like loop de loops and some rolls. Just be careful to gently test your rc plane's performance limits first before sending it into an intense nose dive!

The other great thing about this kind of rc plane is that you can let your kids run off with it and not worry about one of them trying to get clever and chase down their friends with the plane!