Get Work Done

With Intense Focus!


If you focus really hard, you'll get something done. This is shocking for some but it is a fact. With Facebook and twitter available to us on our mobiles and computers, it's hard to avoid those notifications of social networking. Especially if it's your favourite crush sending you a poke over on Facebook.

This doesn't mean you can't multi task but can you really put in focus without being distracted? Our brains are designed to do multiple things while focusing on one thing at a time. It's nearly impossible to concentrate on more than one thing.


If you really put all your effort into one thing at a time, you can really get more things done with nearly no stress at all. Unless your from Jupiter, you only have one brain and two hands with the power to focus on a single task at a time. Procrastination can come in the way if you don't feel like focusing.

Just like exercise, you can break improve your ability to focus stronger and longer than ever before.


By increasing your ability to focus, you will notice many things improving with it. Such as: creativity, improved problem solving skills, and less stress because you're handling one task at a time.

In this article, I will show you ways that you can start improving your focus immediately.

7 Ways To Maximize Your Focus


Some people don't like mediating but with this technique it is similiar to it since you need to pay attention to your breathing. When you are working on a task, focus on your breathing and let your nose inhale and exhale.

Don't try to alter how much you inhale and exhale each time. Just let the nose supply your lungs with oxygen and the relaxation will start.

You should sit comfortably while trying this technique and let your eyelids relax. Just like mediation, you will be focusing on one thing, which is relaxation.

If other thoughts try to pass by, don't try to stop them, but accept them and let them fade away and continue breathing normally. Also you should let the air go to your stomach.

Just remember your face has 43 muscles and if your tension is up, then you will be putting more focus into your facial muscles than your task!



Stop fidgeting. It's natural to flick your pen against your legs while your reading but control all of your energy into one laser-like focus.

Relax all your body and mind into one task. Don't let your eyes wander around. If you can't help it, let them take a glance at whatever you want to look at then immediately continue focusing.

Just like exercise, if you are distracted for too long, you won't benefit from making your focus and concentration stronger.



Whatever task you face, you will need to organize your surroundings. If your around a mess, it'll be harder to put all the focus into one task. If your Facebook is open, it'll be on the back of your mind to check it. Leave only the most absolutely necessary things around you. If your on the computer, close every window except for the window that you are working on.


It's hard to sit around expecting yourself to stay focused. It's not possible so you need to give your self a break now and then.


If you really have trouble focusing, give yourself about 1 minute to focus on one task. When the time is up, reward yourself with whatever you please doing but then return to the same task and make it just a bit longer, maybe 3 minutes then 5 then 10.

You can slowly build up to the time so you can train your mind further and further. You need to take yourself to the next level, just like exercise.

Your brain is a muscle and you can train it to be the very best you want it to be.

Don't Worry!


These techniques may fail if you are truly a stressful and busy person. Invest in a note pad and every thought that comes to mind that needs to be dealt with, write it down.

Handle the task but as these thoughts and other tasks come to mind, just write them down. And if they are still bothering you, lock them up deep in a drawer.

They won't be forgotten, but they will be out of your head and on to the paper. Also plan out your tasks so you are handling them by priority. It's easy to get lost without a plan so do have one ready before handling your tasks.

Check Your Enviroment.


If you were me now, you would be working outside with bugs and flies attacking you like an alien invasion. You should consider working in the right enviroment.

To create the place for you, check if you are comfortable and consider any possible distractions. If you are at work and your colleagues are noisy, then ask to change to a quieter place.


Beach waves are hitting the shore, waves of breezes sea air slighty touch your face with a welcoming feel of cool fresh wind.

Imagine feeling like this at work or during your task, how would you feel? I hope relaxed anyway.

You can slip on ear buds and listen to beach waves or something that relaxes you so you can be in a calm mood. You will absorb so much more information in this state and your problem solving skills will continue to improve.

There are also MP3's of "brain waves" that change the state of your brain into whatever you want. They claim to have an effect.


I have tried this and found it to be intriguing as it doesn't need anything except headphones and the MP3 playing while you are performing your task. The ones I use is "Brainsync" and there is a track called Focus which seems to work every time I play it.


The science behind it makes sense and the practice has been used in a few studies. There are a lot of companies that claim this technology but Brainsync is one of the reputable and most popular one.

If you want to stick to music you can try the genre of classical. It is proven to be the most effective for absorbing music information.

High Focus: Activate Lucid Thinking (Brain Sync Audios)
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Get Started!

These are ways to improve your focus and they are proven to work as they are always recommended. You will find other methods but I find these to be the basis of focus.

You can't learn or problem solve in a panicking state so try to relax when stress seems to be taking over you. Find a place for 2-5 minutes to unwind from a hectic day.

No one has a day where they have full control over what happens. Do your best to do what you can do for each task and not trying to be an octopus with 10 arms. No one is perfect, we're all humans.


Use these focus techniques anywhere and anytime!

Try any of them and leave a comment on how it worked for you.

Who knows maybe you're already an expert that could teach me a thing or two more about this topic!