Jumping on the bandwagon of the most current trend in earning money online can potentially mean a huge detriment to your passive earnings. If you do not follow the right path it may take you a lot longer to reach your monthly income goals in passive income. Instead of reaching your goal in 2 years it may take you 5 years.

If you are currently creating content with the plan of monetizing it to the largest extent possible then you should probably stick with your current income tactic. Focus primarily on your main project. If your main goal is to earn $5,000 writing for Info Barrel then your primary focus should be on the efforts to produce content for Info Barrel.

It does not matter whether you are writing articles for a revshare crowd sourcing project such as InfoBarrel, writing for your own blog, running your own web forum or any other web project where you can earn money with Adsense and affiliate marketing: you need to focus on producing a lot of content for your endeavor which will continually add to your earnings.

You need to focus primarily on your main project. It is good to spread your wings out to obtain multiple streams of internet income, but you should primarily focus on one project.

Too often I see people write a handful of articles for InfoBarrel or their own blog and then abandon the project entirely. It is easy to abandon a project and lose interest when the money is not rolling in, but with passive income it takes perseverance and a hard work ethic.

I have not reached my monthly income goals with passive income, but I do earn consistently each month. I earn over $100 most months with Info Barrel in addition to other websites which contribute to a healthier Adsense c heck each month from Google.

If you have numerous projects it may be hard if not impossible to keep tabs on all of them and build up a reliable stream of income. I would suggest instead that you start a single project, such as writing for InfoBarrel or your own blog, and then center the vast majority of your efforts towards this project.

If you begin writing for InfoBarrel, then you need to stick with it until you reach a goal. You may have an ultimate goal of earning say $400 a month with IB, but you can set a smaller goal of say $75.00 a month. Once you have written enough that you are consistently earning $75.00 a month with InfoBarrel you can then consider branching out to another project such as your own blog.

This is the advice I. I have given to many people who have asked me for advice about earning money online.  There are however many times that this advice may not be the best depending on your situation.

VictoryIf you are bipolar or simply have trouble staying interested in a project then it can be beneficial to have numerous websites about different topics. You can get a quality and cheap webhosting at Hawk Host. Hawk Host allows you to run multiple websites on the same hosting account. For about $10.00 a month you can start a blog. And then add on another domain for a forum or any other type of website you would like.

For a small amount each month you can run multiple websites. If you get bored writing on your weight loss blog you can buy another domain name and start another website about whatever topic you are currently interested in. Eventually you will get interested again in one of your older niches and you can easily go back to blogging about that niche.

The beauty of this is that you can monetize each web property with Adsense. It may take longer to reach your goal of say $1.000 a month in passive income, but you will still reach your goal if you continue to add a lot of new content.

Ideally you will want concentrate the majority of your efforts into one web property such as InfoBarrel and then stick with it until you reach your income goal. If you can’t do that then buy some hosting where you can host numerous websites under one account, and then you will not lose any of your websites.

Many people are aware of niche blogs and revenue share websites, but there are many other websites you can build to help increase your monthly earnings. I have had numerous websites I have built that I rarely update, yet they still earn a little bit each month.

University Of Alabama Dance StudentsI currently focus my efforts on InfoBarrel but I still write for a lot of upfront pay through private clients and websites such as TextBroker. The problem with TextBroker is that you are not working to build up a passive income. Once you sell an article to TextBroker you no longer own, control, or earn from that article. The upfront payment is nice, but earning consistently off of that article each month is a much better feeling.

Pedal Idaho is one of my many websites. I use Pedal Idaho as one of my many projects I do. When I get tired of one project I will move to the next project, but I never remove the website. Pedal Idaho is a new forum with little traffic, but the traffic I get from Google has been pretty targeted. I earn a lot more with InfoBarrel, but Pedal Idaho still brings in a few bucks each month. The best part is that when other people interact on a conversation that is taking place that adds to my content. I can potentially earn money off of that content even though I may not have written it. Pedal Idaho is new, yet it may give you an idea to brainstorm for a new project that may not necessarily be a niche blog or a “Master Site”.

Pick a main website or source of income such as writing for InfoBarrel, starting a blog or forum, and then work it to death until it is bringing in a consistent amount of money each month. If you get bored or tired of a topic feel free to move to another project, but always keep your eye on your ultimate goal.