Focus on Your Dream

Almost a year ago I started writing a blog about something that I was very passionate about. It is a blog to help those with financial issues. I had found some great sites on the internet that basically cut through a lot of red tape and got right to the point of what people where looking for. So many people were asking my family and friends to come over and have me show them where I surfed, that I decided to write a blog directing them there. It has not been my most successful of sites, but it is my favorite. After really getting into the ins and outs of developing my site, I realized that I had a great desire to do this fulltime. I launched my next site to help out, but also, to monetize it. I think this site looks a lot better than the first one, so experience has served me well. Now that I have my third site up, and I am into writing for Infobarrel, I can think of nothing else.

Yes, even after 2 other websites and this one, I am still a newbie. I, like a lot of you, write my article, check my adsense account, and wait. I watch it slowly grow, but it does grow. Patience, it is hard sometimes, but necessary. I do not expect great results overnight when I still have so much to learn. My grandpa once told me that if you want what someone else has got, then do what they do. I live by these words. That was probable one of the best pieces of advice that I have ever received.. That is how I became a Respiratory Therapist. That is why that I am writing now. I know that it is possible to make this into a fulltime job. No boss, and no time clock. No bull. So I focus. I focus on the long term. I am sowing now to reap later, and that is what all of you should do. Focus on your dream and work everyday toward achieving all that you desire.

I like to take the path less followed. I don't want the results the average person has obtained after working their life away to get to their retirement. There is nothing wrong with a good days work, and I have had my share in the labor market. It builds character. There was a lot of monetary rewards attached to those jobs, but this path fulfills me in a different way. This has not been as easy journey, but I can taste it. What is to come. I like to think outside the box. I miss the paycheck each week, and I will work again outside of this, but while I have this time, I focus on my long term reward. Each day I do something to get closer to my goal, whether it be 5 minutes or 5 hours. I am not surrounded by anyone who blogs, so my support system is myself and you, the readers.

If you are a blogger or write on this site the best place to learn is within Infobarrel. I read the articles on here. There is a lot of great advice. I look at the members bios. Many share their links, their book marking sites, and their social media experiences. Through this I find more resources everyday. I follow those that have written lots of articles. They are still here for a reason. I want to reach where they are at. The only way that I will be successful, and to get there, is to walk in their footsteps and focus.

If you think Info Barrel is a place that you would like to write online, then come and join our family.