Back in the early and mid 1900's, there were many people who found themselves sleeping on a "Murphy Bed". This was a kind of folding bed that would usually fold strait back into the wall that served a headboard. With many early folding bed models, you may not know the bed would disappear into the wall if you looked closely.

Today's folding bed designs have taken where those old Murphy beds left off, and improved upon them greatly. Most of the best and most popular, folding beds can be easily viewed online by browsing links in this article and searching through search engines. While you certainly do get what you pay for, there are plenty of cheap folding beds available through online retailers and at your local big box retailers.

Many folding beds are used in guest rooms, or small family dorms where multiple people can sleep when visiting. It seems these extra sleeping options get the most use when multiple family members are in town, such as for a wedding, family reunion or funeral. Most folding beds of today are very comfortable, some with memory foam mattresses.

Another great feature of the folding guest bed is just how easy it is to move when your guests have gone home. Many retired couples have a guest room that is quite pleasant and comfortable when visitors stay, but transforms into a sewing room or home office with a few quick clicks of the folding bed. Depending on the model you choose, many folding beds will store in a closet or underneath a traditional bed. These options are making folding beds popular, once again.

Finally, if you are working with a church group, or other traveling group of people, you may want to consider looking for bulk folding beds on the wholesale market. While many of the folding beds that can be purchased at low prices will resemble more of a cot than a bed, they are still much more comfortable than sleeping on a floor. Some people with back problems have also been known to use a folding bed when they go camping to avoid sleeping on the ground. Experts in the bed industry say many of the basic folding beds available are actually more comfortable than an air mattress or sleeping bag with foam underneath.