Folding Table for your computer
Credit: Amazon

Folding tables are a great idea for when space is normally limited but you occasionally need a table top for doing crafts or chores on or perhaps the extended family is arriving for Thanksgiving. In this article we take a look at some of the cheap folding tables specifically computer folding tables and see how practical they are to use.

Types of Folding Computer Tables available

As you might expect, there is a massive choice of folding computer tables available on the market from the very simple folding legs and a surface for you to work on up to proper computer tables with a pull out drawer for your keyboard.

Officestar 4-foot Resin Multipurpose Table

This 4-foot table is available for use inside or outdoor and has a white resin moulded top which makes it easy to keep clean and folds easily when not in use.  The weight of the table is about 22 pounds and comes with great reviews from users.  The size of the table will be great for a computer and when you need the extra space for when you are doing research. You should be able to pick up this table for around $49.

The Fold-n-Stow mobile Desk - space saving folding computer desks

This is another space saving table, but slightly different to the one above.  This unit is a set of drawers on castors that has a table top that lifts up to form the desk when needed.  The unit comes in black with a chrome frame and comes flat packed for self assembly.  The table is on sale at the moment for around $109.

4D Concepts Folding Table

Similar to the Fold-n-Stow, this unit again has a table top that pulls up into position ready for your laptop.  Rather than having drawers, this table has a set of shelves useful for storing reference books and research.  Price for this table is $120.

Winsome Natural Beechwood Folding Table

The Winsome Computer Desk is a solid piece of furniture that again folds up out of the way when not in use.  Unlike the other models above, this table has no storage underneath, but does have a drawer for your keyboard and folds away completely flat when not being used.  This table retails at about $96 and is available from all major online retailers.

There is a large choice of folding tables for a computer workstation from the mobile workstation that folds down into a set of drawers or the last one which folds completely down flat.  Whichever type you decide to buy, you should be able to find them easily at good online retailers and for a price that is affordable.