Forgive me for the no holds barred title. The truth is, the scooters of today have become so small and portable you can literally bring them anywhere. Of course, these scooters were designed for that same purpose-bring you anywhere-but sarcasm aside, to be able to travel miles with your scooter, you would have to bring them with you in a car or on a plane. And this posed problems for others before, simply because scooters were then too bulky.

Nowadays, scooter manufacturers have become so advanced and forward-thinking in their designs, that full-function motorized scooters can literally be fitted on overhead compartments. Of course there are still bigger scooters available that suit the more-demanding needs of other users, but these folding mobility scooters can still make do for them especially if the demand is temporary.

Say for example someone who uses a scooter almost all of the time to go from place to place. If he or she were to travel somewhere far, it would be hard to board a bus, train, ship, or plane with a bulky scooter. Since traveling is a luxury, he or she can temporarily use a smaller scooter (that does the same job anyway), in exchange for having one that is not such a hassle to fit in storage compartments.

Now, let's look at some of the more popular folding mobility scooters available in the market that are very compact when folded.


TravelScoot is most probably the leading folding scooter today, in fact, if you Google "folding mobility scooter", they will come up first. Additionally, they claim to have the world's lightest and most compact scooter available today.

Their scooter can be stored in a minimum 2.5 cubic feet of space. That alone is sure to fit any car trunk. Their units are also approved for airline transport. The handlebar and the seat are adjustable; the scooter also comes with a very convenient padded carry bag.

travelscoot folding mobility scooter

Planet Mobility

Planet Mobility is another leading manufacturer of mobility scooters. They manufacture scooters of all sizes. They have a line of foldable scooters called Easy Light Deluxe. While less compact than the TravelScoot, theirs is more packed with features. For example, their seats have backrests and armrests.

Weighing in at 54 pounds, which is heavier than the TravelScoot, scooters from their Easy Light Deluxe range are still some of the lightest available in the market. In addition, it also has a dual-articulating front wheel three-wheel design. It also has electronic braking, battery light indicators, and under seat baskets as added features.

planet mobility scooter