Children love the magic of folding and cutting paper to create a beautiful design. Adults can enjoy teaching this talent to them as well. After they master the snowflake and the 5 point star, they will be thrilled to discover that the 7 point star is also possible. A little bit of measurement is necessary, but that's just an opportunity to teach fractions. Having to fold the paper accurately improves dexterity. This paper craft could lead to origami, stencil cutting, or be useful in scrapbooking. So have fun making paper stars.

7 Point Star
Credit: sonnetreader


things you'll need:

  • Standard 8.5 x 11 paper

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • scissors



      1. Fold standard paper in half.

      Place the paper before you as for writing with the long side verticle. Fold the bottom half of the paper up over the top. The folded paper now has the folded side closest to you.


      2. Mark the two guiding points.

      Measure up the left side from the fold with the ruler and mark 1&7/8 inches, and 4&3/4 inches with the pencil.

      3. Fold the right folded corner to the 1&7/8 mark.

      Curl the right side of the folded paper over so the folded corner points directly on the 1&7/8" mark. Carefully crease the second fold to the paper.

      4. Fold the left corner up and over the right.

      The left folded corner still extends below the right corner you just turned over. Fold this extending part up so the third crease is right along the edge of the upper fold.

      5. Fold again in the same direction.

      This part of the paper is folded over again in the same direction. To make the placement of this critical 4th fold easier, lay the ruler on the paper from the 4&3/4" mark to the corner. Fold the paper along the edge of the ruler.

      6. Fold the paper V in half so the edges meet.

      Fold the paper once more for the last crease. This folds the V shaped paper in half so the left and right edges should meet.

      7. Open to see end of the small corner, and close again.

      Take a peek inside to see where the small corner is, and fold the paper back up. You don't want to cut higher than the small corner, or one of the star's arms will be cut off.


      8. Cut at a sharp angle in lower half.

      Cut the point off the paper at an extremely sharp angle. Stay below the end of the small corner which you can't see with the paper folded.


      9. Open the paper for your 7 point star.

Tips & Warnings

  • Give the folds a sharp crease so the star will stand on the points. Then slowly push down on the center until it pops up like a flower. Cut little stars out of the center of the big one. Paint the stars for scrapbooking, or use them as a stencil pattern.

  • If you cut straight across instead of a sharp angle, you will get a heptagon instead of a star.