Most individuals fold the USA national flag incorrectly. As a custom of the Navy and the Army, the flag should be lowered each day at the end of any retreat. A special care should be put in place to ensure that there is no any part of section of the national flag that touches the ground. After lowering the flag, fold it carefully into a tri-cornered hat shape, which represents the type of hats worn by the colonial soldiers during the independence war. During folding, the white and red stripes are wrapped finally into the blue when the day light vanishes into night darkness. The flag should be folded according to the law set by the US government so as to ensure that the flag is respected and maintained properly by the citizens.

How American Flag Should be Folded

At times it is not easy to fold the flag properly, however, in order to fold the flag appropriately, the following laid down steps should be followed:

Step 1: Start by holding the flag waist-high with another individual so as to ensure that its surface is parallel to the ground.

Step 2: The lower half of the flag's strip section is folded lengthwise above the field of stars while holding the top and bottom edges securely.

Step 3: The flag is then folded lengthwise with its blue field appearing on the outside.

Step 4: A triangular fold is made by bringing the stripped corners of the folded edge so as to meet the top edge of the flag.

Step 5: The outer point is then turned inwards, parallel to the open edges so as to form the second triangle.

Step 6: The triangular folding is done continuously until the whole length is folded completely like this.

Step 7: As soon as the flag is entirely folded, it is only the triangular blue field of stars should be left visible. These steps should be done carefully to avoid making any mistake.Folding The American FlagCredit:

Reasons why the US flag is Folded Following the Above Steps

The first fold of the US flag represents a sign of human life.

The second fold represents a symbol of the belief of the people of the US in their whole and enternal life.

The third fold of the USA flag represents a remembrance and honor of the veterans who left our ranks and those who lost their lives during the protection of the US to accomplish peace throughout the entire universe.

The fourth fold signifies the weaker nature of Americans since the American citizens' trust in God as He is the only one who can bring peace where there is war.

The fifth fold signifies an honor to the US, just like Stephen Decatur says, "Our nation, may she be right in working with other nations, however, it's still only our nation, wrongly or rightly."

The sixth fold signifies where the hearts of American lie. It is as a result of the citizens' heart that they offer a loyalty to the USA flag and to the state to which it stands for, one country guarded by God, indivisible with justice and liberty for everybody.

The 7th fold shows a sign of tribute of the USA military since it's the armed forces that defend the US and their national flag against any form of crime, regardless of whether they are found within or external boundaries of the USA.

The 8th American flag fold pays praise to the person who sacrificed their lives so that the citizens might witness the light of the day and show respect to their mothers which falls on the day mothers celebrates their date.

The ninth fold shows an honor to womanhood for it's during their devotion, loyalty, love and faith that the women and men of the US have made the country great and have been transformed.

The tenth fold shows a sign of paying tribute to fathers for they also have given daughters and sons who have defended USA since they were born.

As per the Hebrew's citizens, the eleventh fold signifies the lower section of the authority of King Solomon and King David and this according to them glorifies the name of God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham.

The twelfth fold, according to Christian faithful of the USA, represents a sign of entity and adores, in their own views, our God the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost.

When the US flag is folded completely, the stars remain on the uppermost part. This reminds the citizens of the USA of the national motto that states, "In God We Believe."

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The Folded Flag (13th Fold)

After the national flag is folded completely and tucked in, it should appear like a crocked hat, which always reminding us of those people who worked under John Paul Jones, the captain and General George Washington as well as any individual of the Armed Forces of the US who secured the privileges, freedoms and rights we are enjoying currently. To show some respect to these people, citizens of the USA normally fold the flag in a special way.

The ceremony for folding the USA flag represents similar principles of religion for which the USA was initially founded. Some sections of the flag that shows the honor is the part of blue colors comprising of the stars signifying the countries the veterans operated in uniforms. The canton portion of the blue dresses from the left to the right and is inverted when wrapped like a pall on the veteran's casket who served the United States in uniform.

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In the US Armed Forces, at the retreat ceremony, the United States national flag is lowered, then folded in a triangular fold and stored under the supervision of specialized personnel throughout the night period as the country pays tribute to her fallen heroes. The following morning the flag is brought out and at the celebration party of reveille, it is run aloft as a sign of belief in the resurrection of the bodies of the heroes.

The above steps are very important in folding the US flag and a lot of carefulness should be observed so ensure that the folding of the flag is done appropriately.