Coffee pods can't be a fad or phase now that a company like Folgers has put their weight behind them. Everyone who drinks coffee, be they fanatics or not, recognizes the name, regardless of their favorite brands. Let's examine Folgers Coffee Pods to see how they stack up to the other brands, some of which are more popular. We'll even examine other single cup coffees from Folgers.

Who Is Folgers?

Folgers has been around a while. Founded in 1850 in San Francisco, California, it doesn't get much more American than Folgers. From the onset, the purpose was making coffee more convenient by roasting, grounding, and putting it in labeled tins before distribution. As they have been in the coffee industry for over a decade and a half, it makes perfect sense that Folgers would be involved in coffee pods early on. Proctor and Gamble owned Folgers for almost fifty years, and the company was acquired in 2008 by The J M Smucker company.

Folgers And Your Pod Coffee Maker

Your own personal coffee pod machine will probably take Folgers coffee pods just fine. Folgers labels their pods as being part of the Home Cafe system. The Home Cafe system is really just a trademarked version of a generic coffee pod, owned by the company that made some of the first pod coffee makers, Bunn. Make sure when you order, though, that you're ordering the right product. There can be some confusion with a few of Folgers products. Double check that any product you plan to use with a coffee pod maker is labeled Home Cafe, and called Folgers Pods.

Are There Other Single Cup Coffees By Folgers?

The only other single cup coffees from Folgers are Folgers Singles. These are not designed for coffee pod makers. They are actually more like tea bags than pods, and certainly will not fit in anything designed to accommodate a coffee pod. They are, however, a great choice for those who either don't want, or can't afford a coffee pod brewer. Folgers does not currently make T-Discs or K-Cups and since they seem to have invested in the Home Cafe name, they probably won't, either. There are some folks out there who say that they have had exceptionally good luck forcing these particular coffee pods to work with the Keurig machines, but that's another story entirely, and not at all what they are intended for.

How Does Folgers Compare To Other Coffee Pods?

Going by the reviews, Folgers Coffee Pods are probably some of the best around, even if they're definitely not the least expensive. It makes sense that their coffee pods would turn out pretty well Folgers had made a habit of making fairly strong coffee. Don't even consider Folgers if you're looking for espresso or cappuccino coffee pods as they only currently make decaffeinated or regular pods.