Art is meant to be looked at right? Well of course that is true but when it comes to folk art you can also use it, or at least hang it on the wall and not have to worry if it gets damaged. Folk art can be classified as artistic items that are also useful. Folk art may encompass everything from living room curtains to even a decorate broom handle. Folk art can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. You can forge a bond with folk art that is unlike any other style of art. When a painter paints his masterpiece he may feel a bond with it. With folk art you can sense that bond even if you are not the artist. Here are some examples of folk art to help illustrate the vast variety in this art genre.

Mexican Folk Art

Mexican Catrina FigureCredit:

Folk art is often represented as the art form of the poor. In Mexico the folk art can take on many extreme styles such as the Catrina Figures. Catrina Figures were based on a print made in 1910 by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada. Imagery modeled after this is extremely popular in the Mexican culture and this type of Mexican Folk art is often used around the Day of the Dead holiday.

Trash Metal Art

Taking old washers scrap metal, and other pieces and then welding them together to make figurines has become very popular. At many craft shows these pieces continue to be top sellers. This is one type of folk art that is very popular within the United States and can be found at various venues including craft shows. Trash metal art is also a popular project for students in welding classes.

Scrap Metal ArtCredit:

Bangladeshi Folk Art

Folk ArtCredit:

Folk are is an art form that comes in many different styles and in every Country in the World. Some folk art may simply be a fancy decorated tea pot with chickens and roosters on it. Other styles of folk art can be extremely crazy looking including this image of some animals on a boat shooting weapons. Not sure the symbolism behind it but most folk art that involves animals is pretty cool. It would be a lot easier to get children to spend an afternoon at the art gallery if they contained more pictures like this.

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing PokerCredit:

The series of paintings known as the Dogs Playing Poker were painted to advertise cigars. The popularity of the prints continues to this day. This is what may be referred to as the iconic “White Trash” art. The stuffy art professors at the University may turn their noses up at this type of art; however the popularity among everyday working “Joes” is truly amazing and has helped the genre of dogs playing poker remain very popular for people who like to buy prints, t-shirts, and calendars with this emblazoned all over it.

Folk art will be around until the end of our Earth. If aliens come and visit our Planet I am sure they will return with numerous examples of out folk art to share with their friends and family. Folk art can be very affordable, but more importantly folk art represents the “underdogs” of our society. We may not be able to buy a Vincent Van Gogh original painting but we can buy a calendar with some dogs playing poker.                          

Make your own Folk Art

Herbs on a FineArt Print

Many are actually creating Folk Art in their homes when they make their own decorations. The decorations can be a mix of flowers and ordinary kitchen utensils.

Posters and Printed Artwork

Posters and Printed Artwork

Or decorate the kitchen or living room by hanging printed posters on the walls instead of buying expensive oil paintings.

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