Most people do not consider looking at broadband news as a way to find the best deals.  The fact is that it can help you find out more about providers when looking at the different aspects of the deals.  Each aspect of a deal will have some related broadband news that ultimately helps you choose the best provider.  It is just a question of finding the right source to look at for the different aspects.

The Download Speed

One of the deciding factors for most people shopping for broadband deals is the speed of the connection.  Most people want to get value for their money in relation to the speeds they are getting.  The speeds of the broadband deal generally vary depending on the types of connections being used.  They can also vary due to speed capping practices.

ADSL broadband is the most common type of internet connection used in the UK.  The speed offered by this connection is up to 14mb per second.  If the connection is through ADSL2 it is possible to get a faster speed.  Fibre optic connections are the fastest, offering up to 100mb per second.  This maximum speed is only offered by the most expensive packages and even then you may not get these speeds. 

There are a number of factors which can cause you to experience lower speeds than the ones being advertised.  It is important that you know what these factors are and whether there is anything that can be done about them.

  • The distance to the local exchange cannot be changed.  If you are less than 2km from your exchange you should not experience noticeable slowing of your broadband speeds.  However, people farther away will generally have lower speeds.  It should be noted that this is not a problem for most people in the city as there are more exchanges. 
  • The capability of your line is very hard to change.  This factor can only be changed by the service provider physically changing the cable that runs to your home. If you are getting a high-speed ADSL2 package but only have an ADSL line then you will not be getting the speeds you are paying for.
  • The coverage of the network mainly affects people trying to get fibre optics.  If your area does not fall within the coverage zone you will not be able to get fibre optic connections.  The only way this can be changed is by the provider rolling out cables in your area.
  • Your hardware will affect the speed you get as some routers can only transmit certain speeds.  If your router is not able to handle high speeds then you will have a slower internet experience.

At this point you should consider how broadband news can help you.  This news will detail the coverage plans of providers and what they are doing to increase overall speeds.  If you are getting low speeds you should consider that the average speed in the UK is 12mb per second - and that this is actually on the increase. 

The Download Limit

The download limit of your package should be looked at in detail because it has to be congruent with the type of internet user you are.  If you use the internet every day for data-heavy activities you need to look at unlimited broadband.  There are, however, a number of problems that you can face with your download limit.  Even if you are getting unlimited downloads you could be limited through traffic management and fair usage policies.  This will affect the speed at which your connection runs because of the amount of data you have used.  The more data you use at certain times of day, the more likely you are to be hit by these policies.

A number of service providers will not include their unlimited download customers under these policies.  However, there are a lot of providers that will, so you have to check the terms of your contract.  If you do not check the terms you may find your internet usage curbed by the throttled speeds of your connection.

There is a lot of broadband news that can help you find out whether or not this will happen to you.  You should mainly look for stories about traffic management and fair usage policies.  You will find that the news gives you information about the providers that do not include their unlimited customers in these policies.  You will also find out what has happened to people who go over their download limits on a regular basis.

Broadband News and Prices

One of the deciding factors in broadband deals, for most people, is the price.  If the price is fair for what they are getting then they will generally pay it.  However, when you look at the price, you need to consider if what you are looking at is the actual price or just an average.

Average prices come about when deals offer a number of months for free or at a discounted price.  You will find the real price if you look a bit further.  These real prices generally state what you will be paying for a certain number of months and then the full price you pay for the rest of the contract.  The average price is the full price of the contract minus the months you are getting for free.  The total will then be divided over the whole term of the contract.  This is the price you will see as the monthly payment, but it is not actually correct.

You should also look at the additional monthly costs.  The main additional cost is the monthly line rental.  You will have to pay this over and above the monthly cost of the service.  However, if you are getting fibre optic broadband then you will not have to worry about this.

The broadband news that you should look at is the special deals that are advertised.  You should also take note of the news articles which talk about the adverts being taken down by the ASA. Doing this will put you in a much better situation to make decisions about providers and their deals.