Many users of the internet that are trying to obtain high page site ranking make the error of not following rules outlined by Google the largest search engine currently on the internet. Make it a point to follow the search engine rules or suffer the consequences. You may be very intelligent. However, I am certain that Google has hired 20 of you and more to get around whatever you may be telling yourself you have discovered as a loophole.

This being said, many don’t know the details of the Google’s no-no rules so I have taken the opportunity to outline these for you here in this article. These are the most common forms of misbehavior they will not tolerate.

  • Making pages primarily for users instead of for search engines. This is commonly referred to as cloaking. Displaying one content to search engines and another to your users.


  • Avoid using any tricks that intended to improve search engine rankings. These can be located all over the internet. Someone has found a sure fire way to get you PR rankings in the top 10. Ask yourself if this is helping your users? Would you perform this same task if you didn’t have to worry about PR ranking and search engines?


  • Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your page ranking. Avoid any links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web. By doing this your own page rank will suffer by these links


  • Using unauthorized computer programs designed to submit links are a definite no-no for Google. These computer programs violate the Google terms of service. One such service is Web Position Gold that sends out automatic or programmed queries to Google.

Don’t use cloaking or sneaky redirects

Don’t send automated queries to Google

Don’t load pages with irrelevant keywords

Don’t create domains, subdomains with duplicate or identical content

Don’t create pages with malicious behavior such as malware, phishing or Trojans

Avoid doorway pages designed especially for search engines or any other cookie cutter approaches to Google.

Creating sites for affiliate programs is ok. However, make certain that adds value and have content that is relevant and gives readers a reason to visit your site first.


Many times it is easier to know what they don’t want instead of trying to get what they do. This article outlines what Google doesn’t want to see and should be followed carefully.

Following the instructions that Google has outlines will keep your accounts online with Google in great standing and prevent any damage to your reputation with the search engine or penalties that could result in banning you from Google.

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