Winter may be beautiful, but its frozen beauty can be deadly. Surviving in the snow takes strategy. One wrong mistake can cost a toe to frostbite if not your very life. Take care on your journey to discover Winter. Winter will bite back. Keep these tips for surviving in the snow in mind the next time you camp in the Winter.

Layer Clothing
Wearing too much clothing can be just as dangerous as wearing too little. Avoid working up a sweat, as you'll soon feel like your clothes are an ice bath at the next sign of Winter's wind. Wear many layers of clothing instead of just one heavy layer. Adjust as comfort calls for it. Plan a few steps ahead, and don't wait until you are uncomfortable before adjusting your clothes. It's always best to pack just a little more than you think you'll need.

Many Hats Make Many Different Weather Patterns
The majority of your body heat evaporates through the top of your head. A warm hat can be your greatest provider of heat in terms of clothing. A good hat weighs only a little more than a pair of socks, yet it can keep you warmer than an entire coat. Always pack more hats than you think you'll need. You may feel a little like Carmen Miranda strutting through the woods in 5 or 6 hats, but the squirrels will be too busy to care. Meanwhile, you'll be warm and toasty in any wintry weather.

Stay Dry
Keep your clothing, tent and sleeping bag as dry as possible. Watch out for perspiration, as sweat can literally become an ice cube. Avoid melting snow and puddle caused by the snow. Wear footwear that's 100% waterproof and warm. Always pack rain gear. A good pair of rain pants can keep you dry as well as be great insulation. To keep your gear dry, make sure to bring the storm case.

Never Travel Alone
Though it's good advice in any weather, travelling in groups of at least 2 or more is critical in wintry conditions. Never plan a Winter camping trip by yourself. If weather becomes dangerous, it's always good to have someone to help you survive. Keep calm and don't panic. Try building a fire. When you are warm, you can better plan a strategy for survival.