Who wouldn’t want to hop on their motorcycle for a long ride on a sunny day even if it’s humid outside? But the heat dangers are real and riders need to prepare themselves for the warmer weather otherwise they are putting themselves at risk of heat stroke or other heat-related problems.

If you are like most motorcycle enthusiasts and head out for the open road between the months of May through September, be aware of what to do to protect against the heat. Here are our top suggestions to help keep cool when it counts:

  • When choosing what clothes to wear when riding in hot weather, be sure to wear lighter colors —they allow skin to breathe and keep us cool.
  • Many motorcycle riders claim that mesh jackets do wonders in hot weather. A mesh jacket works best when layered over a wicking shirt.
  • For additional cooling support, look to wearing an evaporative cooling vest when temps rise over 90 degrees.
  • If you choose to wear only a t-shirt, layer a second shirt over it. The second one retains moisture and helps the body to cool itself and provides a barrier to direct sun and wind while riding.
  • Some riders swear by using a chilly pad made by Frogg Toggs. It is made from a machine –washable hyper-evaporative material that retains water while feeling dry to the touch. It absorbs sweat while keeping you cool and provides hours of relief from the heat and sun. When fully dry, it feels like petrified bark.
  • Another way to keep cool is to keep your neck cool. To do this, you can use a “cool collar” which is made from a tube of bandana material that contains water absorbing beads sewn into it. The beads become bigger in size when wet—about 50 times bigger. So the collar starts small for easy packing and after an hour of being submerged in water, it is ready to go. You can find others that have a similar design but with a pocket to put ice that drips around your neck as you ride to keep you cool.
  • For especially long and hot rides, a Cool Mate pump by Aerostich, can be just the ticket to keep yourself cooled down. It contains a system that finely atomizes water, which allows a rider to spray themselves and enjoy the cooling affect. It features a 36-inch hose and nozzle operated by a clip-type flow control.
  • There is fast-wicking underwear available on the market that stays cooler and drier than cotton underwear.
  • Even in hot weather, don’t forget to wear gloves, full-face helmet and steel-toed boots—you need the full protection regardless of the weather.

Now that you are outfitted for summer riding, don’t forget other essentials like Impact motorcycle batteries or other items needed to maintain your roadster. Have fun riding!