Everyone is following someone's dream; whose are you following? 

One of the things I've discovered about great leaders is that they are dreamers and visionaries. In addition to dreaming, they also have the courage to faithfully and patiently pursue their dreams. I believe John Maxwell's philosophy that "Leadership is Influence". I also believe that influence can be achieved by solving problems that add value to people's lives.

Every person is born as a solution to a problem in the world. The passion to solve that problem is sown - at birth - as a dream in that person. For most people, this dream to solve a specific problem is replaced by someone else's dream and they end up living lives and building careers that have nothing to do with what they were originally made for.

John Spreitzer was a graduate of J. Reuben Clark Law School and practiced at Dykema. Although he had become a very successful lawyer, John knew that his real dream was to become a teacher. According to his wife, "He was a fabulous lawyer but that was not his calling." In 2004 and at the age of 51, John left the legal profession and became a school teacher. According to Brian Dickerson, "John began teaching at Chippewa Valley in September 2004 and quickly established a reputation as a teacher who would do whatever it took to help his students succeed."  Seven years later, John collapsed at an athletic club and died shortly. Below are some of his former students' comments (taken from ratemyteachers.com):

***Mr Spreitzer was the best teacher I had in freshmen year. I'm a senior now and I wouldn't be the writer I am today without him. He cared more about his students more than any other teacher I know. He made me take honors english in 10th grade, which led me to go on in high school and take AP classes. He was a true inspiration to me. Thank you Mr Spreitzer. RIP***

***My favorite teacher I've ever had the pleasure of being taught by. He knew and loved what he taught, and his passion for it will not be forgotten by those who had him as their teacher. Like he always told us, he'd **** before he quit doing what he loved. Rest in peace, sir.***

***Rest in peace Mr Spreitzer. I'll never forget your class; you were incredible. You taught me more than just English.***

***You were such a great teacher and I will surely miss him and his passion for teaching. To his family give my deepest condolences and they are in my prayers R.I.P Mr Spreitzer you where truly a great person.***

I'm happy that John was able to follow his dream of becoming a teacher even though it occurred in the last 7 years of his life. I wonder what's stopping you from following yours.

Today's dreams can become the seedlings of tomorrow's reality

You are Unique!