Eating clean is a way of eating that focuses on eating healthy foods that are not processed--the way that nature intended for us to eat. If you want the whole family to follow the Eat Clean Diet, you'll have to make some preparations. Create meals from a range of lean proteins, whole grains and fresh produce and try reading The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids book to get even more recipe ideas.

Quick Breakfasts

A healthy breakfast is important for everyone, but when you're rushing to get the kids to school and the parents to work, it's easy to fall back on convenience foods. Unfortunately, these are often packed with sugar.

You may have a perception that healthy foods take more time to prepare, but this doesn't have to be the case. One way to eat a clean breakfast is to make a whole grain porridge in the crock pot overnight. You add the ingredients--oats, cracked wheat, rye, wheat germ, milk, raisins and dates--the night before and all you have to do in the morning is put it in a bowl and eat it. If you need a breakfast that you can take with you, try making a smoothie from fruit juice and frozen fruits. You can even through some spinach or other greens into the blender and you'll get even more vitamins.

On-the-Go Lunches

Those that work and go to school should take their lunches with them. The options available for purchase aren't usually healthy choices. This doesn't mean that you are condemned to a life of nothing but sandwiches for lunch. You can purchase lunch boxes that keep food warm, allowing you to bring leftovers with you.

If you do want a sandwich, you can make a clean version of an egg salad sandwich that eliminates the fatty mayonnaise. Alternatively, you can please the kids with some healthy chicken nuggets made with a crispy outside that's baked, not fried.

Family Dinners

Family dinners help promote good eating habits for everyone. Keep dinners simple so that you don't feel overwhelmed. You can also make a double portion so that you can freeze some to eat later.

Try to include a salad with every meal, but don't use commercially prepared dressings, which can be high in fat. Instead, make your own vinaigrette using olive oil and vinegar. Choose lean proteins, such as chicken or fish. You may also want to create a few bean dishes instead of meat. Sides can include steamed vegetables or sweet potatoes.