Folly Beach Oceanfront Hotels and Bed and Breakfast:

Folly Beach, South Carolina is a fantastic place to choose if you are on vacation. The beach is absolutely beautiful and it is easy to see why Folly Beach is a popular vacation resort.

If you are looking for a hotel that is right on the oceanfront, there is surprisingly, only one - the Folly Beach Holiday Inn. While other hotels and bread and breakfast services are right near the beach, say, for example, only a block or two away, the Holiday Inn is the only actual oceanfront hotel. It is a very nice hotel and not only offers nice rooms, but a great restaurant as well. If you like good seafood then the Holiday Inn's restaurant is a must. It also has a large hall that can be booked for oceanfront weddings. If you check a travel site, you will see that many people have a lot of good things to say about the hotel, in particular complimenting the staff on their attentiveness and good service. The only downside to Folly Beach Holiday Inn is the price - it costs well over $100 a night and this is not at peak season, although the prices do change and if you do a bit of research it is possible to find special offers from time to time that would bring the price down.

Something you can do, however, if you do not absolutely need your hotel to be right on the oceanfront, is to check in at a bed and breakfast facility. There are a couple that are only a few meters walking distance from the beach. The design of these places is beautiful and they are high standard facilities. They offer, as the name implies, bed and breakfast. They are also located near to other facilities you will likely want to go to while you are on vacation at a Folly Beach hotel, such as a golf course as well as other tourist attractions that are in the area. These bed and breakfast locations are also a fair bit cheaper than the Holiday Inn and while they are not right on the oceanfront, it only takes a short walk to get to Folly Beach from them. However, these places are not anywhere near as big as Holiday Inn and the rooms are limited, so you will want to be sure to book well in advance if you plan to visit during peak holiday season.