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Home Movies Capture Forgotten Memories

A few weeks ago my family was feeling a bit nostalgic so we brought out some old video cassette tapes of our home movies. We all laughed together and reminisced as we watched ourselves in what seemed like an eternity ago. Comments like "Wow, you look so young!" (That’s because we were) or "Look how cute you were!" (We said to our teens who were just toddlers at the time).

We watched a few cassette tapes, but one tape in particular caught the attention of my children. As they watched a video of one of our vacations we took when they were just 'tiny tots,' ages 3 and 5; they noticed that in the midst of playing on the beach, sightseeing together, or just hanging-out, there was a constant theme throughout this tape. Intermittently, in several scenes of the video the voice of the narrator, which was either myself or my husband, would say to our little ones "Let’s see the 'Dancing Baby,'" and they would immediately always breakout in the same dance. Moving around in a circle, they would place one hand on their belly, lift the other hand in the air and move their little bodies as if they were using a Hula-Hoop, it was adorable! When my teens saw this they asked "What’s the dancing baby?" Oh my, we had forgotten all about that cute little baby from the television show "Ally McBeal."

The 'Dancing Baby'

The 'Dancing Baby' also known as "Baby Cha-Cha" is a 3D animation of a toddler dancing a 'cha-cha' type dance. Although the baby had been popular on the internet for some time, it became much-publicized in the mid 1990s after the hit television series on Fox, 'Ally McBeal, aired clips of the baby dancing to the song "Hooked on a Feeling" sung by Vonda Shepard. This Dancing Baby appeared on several episodes. Each time the main character, Ally McBeal, would think about her biological clock she would envision the baby dancing around to the song sung by Shepard.

After gaining popularity on the Ally McBeal series, other commercial advertisers used the Dancing Baby to gain customers. This baby was also referred to as the 'Ugachaka' or 'Oogachaka Baby'. As the years passed, the popularity of the Dancing Baby diminished and the public moved on to other fads and trendy characters.

Still Dancing on YouTube

After seeing our 'babies' dancing in our home movies, we explained to our teenagers what the Dancing Baby was, and as soon as the home movies were over, they immediately went to their computers and did a search on YouTube where they found several clips of this adorable baby dancing away. We all had good laugh as we watched the little animated 3D tyke.

A Fun Memory for All of Us

Who would have thought that watching home movies would lead our entire family to a YouTube clip of the Dancing Baby? Remembering good times is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and having a good laugh is wonderful for the spirit and icing on the cake!

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